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  1. --insert fancy picture here, one day-- Bio Lab 4 (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Biolabs_F4), also known as Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 can be accessed over the 3rd floor of the Lighthalzen Dungeon. It is only accessable when the questline around "The boy who cried Wolfchev" is successfully finished. It will remain open for one month, after that the "Breaking the Seal" quest needs to be repeated again. Monsters Similar to the other floors of the Lighthalzen Dungeon, Bio Lab 4 contains strong player-like monsters. All of which have different attributes. Also similar to the Bio Lab 3; the fourth floor contains 7 different MVP, were only one randomly will spawn. Paladin Randel - Holy Lv.3 (Weak against Shadow) Creator Flamel - Fire Lv. 3 (Weak against Water) Professor Celia - Ghost Lv. 3 (Weak against Ghost) Champion Chen - Water Lv. 4 (Weak against Wind) * Stalker Gertie - Poison Lv. 4 (Weak against Holy) * Clown Alphoccio & Gypsy Trentini - Wind Lv. 3 (Weak against Earth) * Note: Chen and Gertie are the only "Demon" race monsters in the dungeon, meaning they do can detect the player while cloaking. Farming Bio Lab 4 Soul Linker Soul Linker have a great advantage in farming Bio Lab 4 due to their access to 7 Elements (Warm Wind). Combined with their abilty to keep useful buffs active (Kaupe, Kaizel), they can constantly keep dish out damage without taking much. They are capable of soloing the Bio Lab 4 MVPs without a tank, if they are geared enough. They also can reach higher DPS then SinX, expect VS Paladin Randel. Advantages: - good DPS - good buffs with Kaupe and Kaizel - natural Element coverage Disadvantages: - Movement speed (Leap and High Jump are disabled) - no AoE damage, relies on targeting the right monster (especially VS MVPs) - High SP usage, so a high Blue Potion consume Skills: Most Important ones: Warm Wind (1-7), Kaupe, Kaizel, Estun, Esma Gears: - Upper Headgear: Typical magic upper (Dark Wizard Hat, etc)/ RDC hat: 3x Vespers + Rata - Middle Headgear: Typical wings/middle gear: Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord + 2x Rata - Lower Headgear: Any: High Wizard (P) - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Weapon: Any (Example: Fable's Rod, or any good MATK Rod) - Shield: Any: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Great Old Cloak - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): Fallen Bishop - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Rings (to save SP, Optional: SPGain Orb), or anything that increases MATK. Have 1 slot with Horong Card for Gerties. Gameplay: Estun, Esma spam to kill monsters 1 on 1 (since you got no AOE, try avoid gettin' mobbed too much). Make sure Kaupe is up so you won't die to Asura Strike from Chen. Memorize the elemental weakness of mobs and you can kill anything you want in bio4. ------------------------------------------------------------- Assassin Cross Assassin Cross have lower DPS compared to Soul Linkers in Bio Lab 4, but can deal AOE damage. Further they got a better mobility with Backsliding and Cloak, which let them easily find MVPs. In this build their DPS is lower, in order to survive the Asura Strike from Chen. Advantages: - high Mobility - AOE damage Disadvantages: - lower DPS, relies heavily on splash status - relies on Converters to cover up all Elements Gears: - Upper Headgear: Drooping Amistr - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - 2x Gemini - Lower Headgear: Red Tie: Orc Hero - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Mainhand: Sir Vincent Saber: 2x Sniper (P), Valkyrie Randgris - Offhand: Perun Axe: Lord of Death, 2x Lora - Garment: Antique Garment/Nidhoggs Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): General Engigem Cenia - Accessory: 2x Meginjards (or 2x Recondite Rings with "Neutral2" Orbs) - Optional: Poring GM Pet Gameplay: This build lets you not need to worry about Chen's Asura as you can get up to 99% Resist to Neutral. You will also have aoe statuses that will prevent most mobs from casting anything once they are near you due to stun and silence. You will be able to kill mvps - although you might die a few times due to professor's bolts or paladin's grand cross. (Unless you berry quick enough). Much faster for farming normal monsters, terrible at killing MVPs. ------------------------------------------------------------- Stalker (for luring) Stalker can use a similar tankier set as SinX. They are perfect scouts due to their high movement speed, if they are linked. Gears: - Upper Headgear: Any (Tenishi ring for more hdef?) - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - Lower Headgear: +5% Elemental resist lower: 4 leaf clover, fuzzy bunny scarf, etc - Armor: Varigated Vest (Neutral2): Argiope - Shield: +10 Immune Shield: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Nighogg Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Ebony Greaves (Neutral2): Moonlight Flower - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Ring/Recondite Ring (Neutral2) Credits mainly to gei Tono for sharing. :3
  2. Hello, I didn't make this guide from scratch, I referred to the old guides, thought it may be useful for new people here. Hopefully the farming tips below are still relevant in here. Tips 101: Always try to sell the loots with your character that has level 10 overcharge so you get more zeny! Moscovia 3 Either target only Mavkas or also Baba Yagas for optional loots. You can get around 3-5 million zeny in 30 minutes!! And lastly dont forget to use these @alootid commands unless you want to be a Kukre and loot everything, which is never a bad idea! Witherless Rose: @alootid +748 Crystal Mirror: @alootid +747 Piece of Cake: @alootid +539 Blue Herb: @alootid +510 Prices (without Overcharge skill) Witherless Rose: 27,500 zeny Crystal Mirror: 7,500 zeny Piece of Cake: 1,500 zeny Blue Herb: 30 zeny. This is better off stored or sold to Blue Pot Crafters or other players with higher price. Players also need blue pots, if necessary, store it. Ein Dungeon Level 2 The main item you want to get here is the "1carat Diamond" that the Obsidian monster carries. They drop it all the time (if not, then most of the time). The Teddy Bear drops "Oridecon Hammer" and the Mineral drops "Topaz" (and in rare occasions, "Gold"). Here's list of how much they sell: 1carat Diamond = 5000z Oridecon Hammer = 2500z Topaz = 3000z Gold = 100000z (you can vend this to sell to players for higher value, since gold is useful i.e. for handcrafting) Geffenia (level 4?) Monsters : Succubus, Incubus, Mini Demon with 2 spawns of Deviruchis, Violy, etc. etc. Loots: Little Evil Wing = 1000z Mastela = 4250z Gold Ring = 15000z Diamond Ring = 22500z For the Priest class: use Magnus Exorcimus skill (with No Cast-Time) except for Fake Angel and Violy. Abysmal Knights do roam around these areas every now and then. If you happen to kill them, there's a little chance they might drop an Abysmal Knight Card, which can be sold to players for quite a price. Sphinx level 4 / 5 Monster to kill: Pasana. Main items to loot: " Undershirt" and "Stiletto" (bear in mind the drop rate is not 100%). This monster is mostly around and can be spotted easily. Level 5 has more Pasana spawns than level 4, though in level 5, there's Pharaoh MVP, so make sure you choose carefully! Undershirt = 10000z Stiletto = 9750z Juperos (core/ruins 1) Monsters: Venatu and Dimik. They are aggressive and can gang up on you very easily so stay alert. Crest Piece (any kind) = 2500z Professional Cooking Kit = 1000z Drifter = 40000z Dusk = 11750z Thunder-P = 38000z Armor Charm = 10000z Steel = 7500 (can be sold to players for better price?) Tips: A Wizard / High Wizard with No-Cast of AOE (Area of Effect) like Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion skills can pretty much swipe clean the area. Assassin / Assassin Cross types can also round up as many as they want (just make sure you have enough Flee rate to dodge their attacks) and once they have formed a line trying to attack you, use Hiding and Grimtooth (must have Katar type weapon to be used). I'll update this when I have more time. Let me know if you have any feedback so I can also update this post. Also let me know what guides you want to see. I don't take any credit for this guide.
  3. Hello~~~ Let’s talk about farming and making zeny. Most players (including me) love to spend hours on farming for zeny and discovering stuff that could help any player in becoming a zeny mogul. This post of mine is just an add-on to an already existing post (check out: https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/39-where-is-the-zeny/) about making zeny in-game. Most players may have noticed that the usual farming sites have been crowded by many people such as the MVP room. This time we’ll go to other maps to get these items that would surely be helpful in earning zeny either by selling to other players or making items out of them to be sold later. Please take note that I will only be putting on a list. Buying price and selling price can be done via #trade with the message PC <item name>. Also it would be helpful if a player can use @whereis <monster name/mob id> and @whodrops <item name/item id>. I will also be putting where the most number of mobs are located or where the easiest ones to find are located. Item ID Mob and Where to Find Purpose Specifics Fur 6020 Tatacho (Manuk Field 2 and 3), Hillslion (Manuk Field 3), and Duneyrr (Nidhogg’s Dungeon 1) Quest Item Schwartzvald Pine Jubilee and Drooping Amistr Peaked Hat 6021 Tatacho (Manuk Field 2 and 3) Quest Item Arunafeltz Dessert Sandwich Mystic Horn 6023 Cornus (Splendide Field 1 and 3), Aenbharr (GHp > 1 map down > 2 maps to the right - Geffen field 02p) Quest Item Rune Strawberry Cake Spool 7217 Hylozoist (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 1 and 2) Quest Item, Tailoring Needle Packet 7213 Hylozoist (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 1 and 2) Quest Item, Tailoring Broken Needle 7215 Hylozoist (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 1 and 2) Quest Item Ectoplasm 7220 Hylozoist (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 1 and 2), Lude (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 2) and Quve (Nifleheim, Nifleheim field 1) Tailoring Stem 905 Les (Moscovia Dungeon 1 and 2), Mandragora (Prontera Field 2 and Mt. Mjolnir 11) Tailoring Mushroom Spore 921 Spore (Payon Field 6 and 😎 Tailoring Anolian Skin 7003 Anolian (Comodo Field 3 and Glastheim Sewer 4), Alligator (Comodo Field 1) Tailoring Fluff 914 Fabre (Prontera Field 6 and 8, Payon Field 1 and 3, Geffen Field 00) Tailoring Cobweb 1025 Argos (Mt. Mjolnir 10) Tailoring, Spider Web Skill Dragon Skin 7123 Deleter (Magma Dungeon 2) Tailoring Large Jellopy 7126 Metaling (Biolabs 1) Tailoring Solid Trunk 1067 Willow (Payon Field 1) Handicrafting Fine-grained Trunk 1066 Willow (Payon Field 1) Handicrafting Grit 1056 Sleeper (Yuno Field 2 and 6) and Sandman (Morroc Field 16) Handicrafting Sharp Scale 963 Phen and Swordfish (Byalan Dungeon 4) Handicrafting Fine Sand 7043 Sleeper (Yuno Field 2 and 6) and Sandman (Morroc Field 16) Handicrafting Fine Grit 7041 Scorpion (Morroc Field 20) Handicrafting Tendon 1050 Marine Sphere (Byalan 4) Handicrafting Dragon Canine 1035 Deleter (Magma Dungeon 2) Handicrafting Bookclip in Memory 7015 Rideword (Clock Tower 1) Handicrafting Crystal of Darkness 7799 All the Morrocs (Morroc Field 20 and 21) Handicrafting Mother's Nightmare 7020 Maya (MVP Room) Handicrafting Harpy Feather 7115 Harpy (Yuno Field 2,3,4, and 7) Quest Item Golden Wings Quest Peco peco Feather 7101 Grand Peco (Yuno Field 😎 Quest Item Golden Wings Quest Fabric 1059 Wraith (Glast Heim Churchyard), Lude (Nifleheim town or @go13 and Nifleheim field 2), Whisper (Glast Heim Culvert F1 and Geffen Dungeon F3). Quest Item Hip Ribbon, Hair Bow, Fable Silk Soft Silk 7166 Evil Nymph (Gonryun 3), Bacsojin MVP room, https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hip_Ribbon_Quest for Silk Robe to Silk Ribbon exchange Quest Item Hip Ribbon, Hair Bow, Fable Silk Marionette Doll 5141 Marionette (Geffen Dungeon 3) Quest Item Ring Des Nibelungen Peridot 7289 Ungoliant (Ein Dungeon 1), Endless Tower Quest Item Hyrulian Hood Angel Wing 2254 Angeling (Toy Factory 1, Yuno Field 3, and Payon Field 4) Quest Item Hyrulian Hood and Magical Feather Huge Leaf 7198 Dryad (Umbala Field 1 and Umbala Dungeon 2) and Wootan Fighter (Umbala Field 2 and Umbala Dungeon 1) Quest Item Yatta Elastic Band 7200 Wootan Shooter (Umbala Dungeon 2) Quest Item Yatta Fig Leaf 7298 Leaf Cat (Ayothaya Dungeon 1 and Ayothaya Field 2) Quest Item Yatta Fluff 914 Meat Exchanger Umbala Quest Item Drooping Amistr Yarn 7038 Zhu Po Long (Suei Long Gon 3) Quest Item Drooping Amistr Clip of Consciousness 5225 Amistr (Biolabs Basement) Quest Item Drooping Amistr Mystic Frozen 995 Hatii and Stormy Knight (MVP Room) Quest Item Ice Wing Ice Cubic 7066 Iceicle (Ice Cave 2) Gazeti (Ice Cave 2 and 3), Snowier (Ice Cave 2 and 3), and Siroma (Ice Cave 1 and 2) Quest Item Ice Wing Glacial Heart 7651 Ice Titan (Ice Cave 2 and 3) Gazeti (Ice Cave 2 and 3), Snowier (Ice Cave 2 and 3), and Siroma (Ice Cave 1 and 2) Quest Item Icicle Wings Frozen Rose 749 Ice Titan (Ice Cave 2 and 3) Quest Item Icicle Wings Ice Scale 7562 Ktullanux (MVP Room) Quest Item Icicle Wings Level 1 Frost Diver 700 Marin (Lutie Field) Quest Item Icicle Wings Crystal Blue 991 Black Mushroom (Geffen Dungeon 1, Orc Dungeon 1 and 2, and Suei Long Gon 1) Quest Item Icicle Wings Red Blood 990 Scorpion (Morroc Field 20) Quest Item Icicle Wings Green Live 993 Tri-joint (Beach Dungeon 2) Quest Item Icicle Wings Wind of Verdure 992 Grand Peco (Yuno Field 8), and Brightlight (Clock Tower B2) Quest Item Icicle Wings Cursed Water 12020 Geffenia (all floors) Quest Item Icicle Wings Holy Water 523 Acolyte (Aqua Benedicta Skill) Quest Item Icicle Wings Combo Battle Glove [4] 1822 Roween (Rachel Field 4 and 7) Quest Item Icicle Wings Ice Pick [0] 1230 RSX-0806 (MVP Room) Quest Item Ice Pick and Icicle Wings Ice Fireworks 12374 Imp (Thor's Volcano 1) Quest Item Skoll Ears Ice Pieces 6256 Kraken's Lair and Ice Crown Quest Item Skoll Ears Katar of Frozen Icicle [3] Socket Enchant (Katar of Frozen Icicle from Hatii in MVP Room) Quest Item Skoll Ears Principles of Magic [2] 1572 Mavka (Moscovia Dungeon 3) Quest Item Magical Feather Ancient Magic [2] 1573 Uzhas (Moscovia Dungeon 3) Quest Item Magical Feather Release of Wish 1630 Baba Yaga (Moscovia Dungeon 3) Quest Item Magical Feather Yaga's Pestle 7762 Baba Yaga (Moscovia Dungeon 3) Quest Item Magical Feather Bitter Herb 621 Uzhas (Moscovia Dungeon 3) Quest Item Magical Feather Blue Tinted Feather 7441 Lady Solace and Dame of Sentinel (Thanatos Tower 7 and 😎 Quest Item Magical Feather Red Tinted Feather 7440 Baroness of Retribution and Mistress of Shelter (Thanatos Tower 7 and 😎 Quest Item Magical Feather and Golden Wings Dragon Breath Cocktail 12080 Detardeurus (MVP Room) Quest Item Magical Feather Rose Quartz 7293 Zealotus (Glast Heim Prison 1), Endless Tower Quest Item Magical Feather Star Crumb 1000 Stalactic Golem (Beach Dungeon 2) Decarder Yellow gemstone 715 Gemstone Exchange Payon Decarder, Reputation Quest Jellopy 909 Meat Exchanger Umbala Quest Item Onward to the New World Tiger Skin 1029 Eddga (MVP Room) Quest Item Sex Changer Piece of Shield 7108 Lord of Death (MVP Room Quest Item Sex Changer Skel-bone 932 Khalitzburg (Geffenia all floors - Abysmal Knight Summon), Hell Poodle (Cursed Abbey 1) Quest Item Sex Changer Item ID Mob and Where to Find Bat Teeth Katar 41338 Implosion (Thulean Plateau) Perun Axe 41382 Nightmare Minorous (Nightmare Pyramids 1) Kontei [2] 41376 Nightmare Arclouse (Nightmare Pyramids 2) Coronis Wing 41373 Aenbharr (Geffen Field 02p) Thyrsus Staff 41384 Green Damselfly (Abbey Field 1 and Abbey Temple 1 and 2) Wool Scarf 2528 Banshee (Cursed Abbey 1) Tidal Shoes 2424 Ragged Zombie (Cursed Abbey 1 and 2) Orleans Server 2123 Aliza (Kiel Dungeon 1 and 2) Orleans Glove 2701 Bow Guardian (Thor's Volcano 1) Orcish Axe [0] 1304 High Orc (Clock Tower Basement 2) Specialty Jur [4] 1264 Eremes Guile (Biolabs 3) Happy farming and stay tuned for more updates!
  4. Good day fellow players. Many players, especially newbies might have been asking where to farm/make zeny fast. This guide is for those who love to farm in MVP rooms and for those who want to get rich faster by farming in MVP rooms. What players may see mostly in this guide are the @alootid of certain items dropped by mobs in the MVP rooms. I have only chosen certain items that give high amount of zeny when sold to NPCs. There are also items in here which I did not place the prices because their value changes along with the demand of players as well as the supplies in the #trade market. Kindly read the NOTES which are all in uppercase letters as they serve a few reminders which might be helpful, if not to all, some players. Let's start! NOTE: NPC BUYING PRICE = IT MEANS HOW MUCH THE NPC WILL PAY YOU WHEN YOU SELL THE ITEM TO THEM. ALL PRICES ARE NOT YET WITH OVERCHARGE MARKUP WHEN SOLD TO NPC. THEY ARE THE REGULAR PRICE OF THE ITEMS WHEN SOLD TO NPC. ITEM DROPS BY MVPS THAT ARE AUTOMATICALLY PLACED IN INVENTORY ARE NOT INCLUDED @AUTOLOOT .20 IS SET FOR INSTANT CARD LOOT ALOOTIDS ARE FIT TO 10 ITEMS MAX. OPTIONAL ITEM ID's FOR LOOTING ARE ALSO PLACED. IT DEPENDS ON THE PLAYER'S DISCRETION NPC BUYING PRICE = IT MEANS HOW MUCH THE NPC WILL PAY YOU WHEN YOU SELL IT TO THEM. !!MVP ROOM ALPHA!! @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +7020 MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE @alootid +639 ARMLET OF OBEDIENCE 9K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +638 SILVER KNIFE OF CHASTITY 6K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +1258 KATAR OF RAGING BLAZE 22.5K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM BETA!! @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +2621 RING[1] 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2106 SHIELD[1] 28K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM THETA!! @alootid +1125 RING POMMEL SABER [3] 12K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1127 SABER [3] 24.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1128 HAEDONGGUM [2] 25K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1162 BROADSWORD 32.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1411 LANCE 30K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7108 PIECE OF SHIELD @alootid +2317 FULL PLATE [1] 40K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM OTHER THINGS TO LOOT: @alootid +1255 JAMADHAR 18.6K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM EPSILON!! @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +999 STEEL @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM @alootid +714 EMPERIUM (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 600 IMMATERIAL ARROW, 600 ORIDECON ARROW, AND 600 MUTE ARROW = 12600 NPC BUYING PRICE) @alootid +526 ROYAL JELLY @alootid +13303 HUUMA BLAZE SHURIKEN 39K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2507 ANCIENT CAPE 41K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1552 TABLET [1] 25.5K NPC BUYING PRICE !!MVP ROOM DELTA!! @alootid +603 OLD BLUE BOX @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +2111 SACRED MISSION 64K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2509 SURVIVOR'S MANTEAU 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1256 KATAR OF FROZEN ICICLE [0] 22.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +969 GOLD 100K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +984 ORIDECON @alootid +985 ELUNIUM !!MVP ROOM SIGMA!! @alootid +7166 SOFT SILK @alootid +661 SOFT APRON 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +603 OLD BLUE BOX @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +644 GIFT BOX @alootid +985 ELUNIUM OPTIONAL: For Enhancing Clip Quest @alootid +2659 VESPER CORE 1 @alootid +2660 VESPER CORE 2 @alootid +2661 VESPER CORE 3 @alootid +2662 VESPER CORE 4 !!MVP ROOM GAMMA!! @alootid +12080 DRAGON BREATH COCKTAIL 50K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7444 TREASURE BOX 150K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7510 VALHALLA'S FLOWER 100K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +1242 DAGGER OF COUNTER 60K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7024 BLOODY EDGE 5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2655 BLOODIED SHACKLE BALL 25K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2648 MORPHEUS'S RING 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2649 MORPHEUS'S BRACELET 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2229 HELM [1] 22K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2342 LEGION PLATE ARMOR 51250 NPC BUYING PRICE OTHER THINGS TO LOOT: @alootid +728 TOPAZ 3K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2515 EAGLE WING [1] 10K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2519 MORIGANE'S MANTEAU 15K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +2412 GREAVES [1] 27K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +7450 SKELETAL ARMOR PIECE 1025 NPC BUYING PRICE (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 500 IMMATERIAL ARROW, 100 ORIDECON ARROW, 200 ARROW OF SHADOW = 2700Z NPC BUYING PRICE) !!MVP ROOM OMEGA!! @alootid +2345 LUCIUS'S FIERCE ARMOR OF VOLCANO [1] 68K NPC BUYING PRICE (IT'S ALSO UP TO THE PLAYER WHETHER THIS IS SOLD IN #TRADE OR USED FOR HIDDEN ENCHANTMENT) @alootid +7022 OLD HILT (WITH ARROW CRAFTING YIELDS 1000 ORIDECON ARROW = 15K NPC BUYING PRICE) @alootid +7023 BLADE LOST IN DARKNESS 6K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +607 YGG BERRY @alootid +617 OLD PURPLE BOX @alootid +616 OLD CARD ALBUM @alootid +994 FLAME HEART 1.5K NPC BUYING PRICE @alootid +608 YGG SEED @alootid +2621 RING[1] 15K NPC BUYING PRICE I hope this guide helps. Have fun farming.
  5. Welcome to RevivalRO 1,)Create a new Character. 2.)Talk to the Free Starting Item NPC, I suggest getting the Gold one since you be using the Novice Angra when leveling, so you are gonna do more physical damage. 3.)Talk to Shion, until you receive a Direction on where to go Next, she also gives free Level/Job Level. After that follow the Yellow Arrows going right inside the Prontera Castle 4.)Enter the Castle and keep going up, till you see an NPC 5.)Talk to Receptionist until you get warped to the next NPC. After that the Next NPC will sent you to the next one, and just keep following their Directions until you reach the Training Grounds. 6.)Now is the time you open the Novice Package that you received from Free Item NPC, it contains Novice Angra, Armor, Boots, Cloak, Clip and Ring. Just open those Boxes and Equip it, you might wanna leave the Battle Manual Box for later. Because when you hit high level that’s the best time to use the Battle Manuals. Keep killing mobs until you Hit Job Level 10 7.)Talk to the Examiner when you hit Job Level, and then he will sent you out. 8.)At the next NPC, the Job Master I suggest you make a Taekwon class first, because Taekwon Class is easy to level and you will be using this also for farming stuff. 9.)After choosing a class you will be sent to Eden Group which is @go 39 in the @go command list. @go is used to warp in Towns, by typing the @go it will show the list of Towns you can warp. You can also abbreviate like @go pront or @go pro, which will send you to Prontera. 10.)You can’t directly warp to dungeons using command so you will be using the Warpra NPC for that, Talk to Warpra > Warp > Dungeons > Moscovia Forest > Les Forest. In here you will be leveling Until Level 70, about Stats, put Agi first, the command to put stat without clicking is e.g /agi+ 99. You also want to loot everything just type @autoloot 100. 11.)When you reach the Job Level 50, You can @go 39 and look for the Job Master around upper left. Then change into Taekwon Master. You also need to use up all the Skill Points first before you can change into other Job. 12.)Now to put Skills to the Skill Bar you just need to Hold Left Click the skill and then Drag it to the Skill Bar, to collapse the Skill Bar, just press F12 key, it has a 4 layer. First layer is F1 to F9 keys. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Layer you need to open the BM/Shorcut Settings to set the keys for it. Just press ESC Key or click the Option Icon below your Status Bar. 13.)Now you can set which keys would be the 2nd 3rd and 4th Skill Bar. You can refer to this Setting. 14.)Taekwon Master has Warm Wind skill which gives him the ability to change the element of his weapon from Level 1 is Earth, 2 is Wind, 3 is Water, 4 is Fire, 5 is Ghost, 6 is Shadow and 7 is Holy. So might wanna set it up on the Skill Bar. Other Important skill is Flying Side Kick to instantly get near target, High Jump and Running skill useful for Roaming the Map. 15.)After reaching level 70 and finally Job Change into Taekwon Master, now you can Level next in Cursed Abbey Level 3. Kill Necromancers use the Warm Wind Level 7 which is Holy Element and very effective on this Dungeon. Level until level 103 after that @go 39. 16.)Find Gramps NPC in @go 39, then accept a mission from him. 17.)After accepting the mission, and picking which Monster to kill Talk to gramps again and ask him to warp you there. 18.)Loot everything by typing @autoloot 100, then sell loots later when you get overweight, except some of the items Listed below. After killing then monster you need to kill, talk to Gramps and Pick “Reward Me!” You will receive a ton of EXP and some Pieces of Paradise. About the stats, just keep adding Agi till your ASPD reach 196. After that you will now switch to Dex till 150 and the ress is Str and some Vit for Survivability. 19.)Some of the items are Quest Materials. (Insert Ice Wing quest, Icicle Wing quest and Fable Silk quest link here) 20.)When you reach level 150 to 160, its best if you farm in Thana Tower 8 first, loot everything and sell it to NPC. Do this until you have enough zeny to buy Ingredients for Drooping Amistr. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest) Tips on some of the Ingredients for Drooping Amistr:- 1.)Token of Siegfried you can get from Vote Points NPC or from mobs in Biolab Basement 1. Highly suggest Vote Points tho. 2.)Next is Yarn, Warp to Suei Long Gon > Suei Long Gon dungeon and kill Dancing Dragon, you can use @alootid +yarn to specific loot Yarn. 3.)Next is Animal Skin Warp to Pyramid Dungeon 1 then Enter the Portal to your right, to exit. Type /navi moc_ruins 80/113 and follow the Yellow Arrow till you see Item Collector NPC. And then buy 300 pieces Animal Skin. 4.)Now for the 1000 pieces Fluff, you will use the Meat Exchanger in Umbala, 1 meat = 2 fluff clover jellopy. Meat you can buy from butcher in Izlude @go 5 then type /navi izlude 158/186, follow the Yellow Arrow. And then buy 500 pcs Meat. After that @go umbala or @go 12 and type /navi umbala 63/243, look for Utan Kid. 5.)Next is the Bag of Grain, just @go lutie or @go 7, look to upper right for the Chef Assistant NPC. 6.)The other ingredients the 2 Amistr Eye, Clip of Conciousnes, Fur and Glistening Coat you can get from buying in vend or in #trade chanel. Price may differ in time. 7.)When you have all the Ingredients you can now go to Lighthalzen @go 20 or @go light. And then type /navi lighthalzen 79/90, follow the Yellow Arrow tell you see 4 NPC on Red Coat. Amy NPC is the one who makes Drooping Amistr. 8.)Talk to Amy 2 Times till you receive Drooping Amistr, she will also tell you if you’re missing a piece. 21.)After making this you can now continue the next Gramps mission Level 154 – 204. And pick to kill Seyrin Windsor. 22.)In this dungeon there is Skegiold mobs that drops Silk Robe[1], which is a Quest Materials too for getting Soft Silk in Amatsu Soft Silk Exchange. Type @alootid +2322 to specific loot Silk Robe[1]. (Insert soft silk exchange quest link here). 23.)Continue doing Gramps mission until level 225. When you reach level 225 you can now ask for Leech in #pr, some players will leech you in Omega MVP Room or in Biolab Basement 1. If you can’t find someone, just continue doing the Gramps mission. In mission 205 – 255 I suggest you pick to kill Vanilmirth then use Warm Wind level 7 for Holy. When you Max Level 255. Go Prontera type /navi prontera 172/223. 24.)Enter the MVP Arena for the fee of 150,000 Zeny. Inside the MVP are different rooms with different MVPs, Alpha Room – Eddga, Moonlight, Mistress, Maya. Beta Room – Turtle General, Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Phreeoni. Theta Room – Lord of Death, Doppelganger, Osiris, Drake. Epsilon Room – Dark Lord, Baphomet, Pharaoh, Samurai Spector Delta Room – Golden Thiefbug, Stormy Knight, Ktullanux, Amonra, Garm Sigma Room – Fallen Bishop Hibram, White Lady, Evil Snake Lord, Vesper, General Ygnizem Gamma Room – Detale, Valkyrie Randgris, RSX 0806, Thanatos, Tao Gunka Omega Room – Ifrit, Gloom Under Night, Berzebub, Atroce 25.)First you wanna farm Gold Thiefbug card in Delta Room, also @alootid +gold. Then when you got GTB card, you move to Beta Room and farm for Orc Hero card, after that you can now farm in Gamma Room and target Detale for fast zeny, @alootid +treasure box, @alootid +dragon breath cocktail and @alootid +Valhalla’s flower. Its highly suggested to make a Merchant Class too for selling purpose, Because of Overcharge skill of Merchant loots is more expensive when you sell to NPC. This way you now have a good source of Zeny, after this you can now do some quest and maybe some Tailoring, Metalworking and Handicrafting. (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Metalworking).
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