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Found 6 results

  1. I can't find secret room in ninja guild for Job change to kagerou. I read in some articles explaining that room behind armor maker, but when I trying to clicking the wall, there nothing happened. My level is 140, job level 120, & in Loki server.
  2. ========== Demon Busters ... and you ========== - fancy pictures follow up ... maybe - Demon Busters (commonly just called "Seth") is a mission of the Royal Operation Quests, also knows as RDC. It is part of the recently added Tier 4. ========== Overview ========== Party member size: 5-8 Tickets used per run: 3 Time Limit: 60min Exclusive Loots: Seth's Wrath, Seth's Pride Unholy Whip, Haunted Guitar and Raok Runestone ========== Party (optional, but for us it worked well) ========== Team set up 1: Professor (Tanker, Vulcano) Sniper (1-2, Killer) High Priest (Buffs and Status Recovery) Alts: Gypsy (Fortune's Kiss) Whitesmith (Weapon Perfection and Power Thrust) Creator (FCP, against weapon breaking and MVP can strip Tank) Paladin (Devotion, not mandatory, but it's more chill for the Tanker) The general tactic behind that set up is, to Buff the Killer/s as much as possible and give the Tanker an easier time because of the Devotion. It is basically a Cedi-esk set up. High Priest is essential since the MVP spams Wide Freeze and the Killers will Freeze. Team set up 2: Professor (Tanker, Vulcano) Sniper (1-2, Killer) High Priest (Buffs and Status Recovery) Alts: Gypsy (Fortune's Kiss, Drum on the Battlefield) Clown (Ensemble Partner) Whitesmith (Weapon Perfection and Power Thrust) Creator (FCP, against weapon breaking and MVP can strip Tank) Basically the same idea as in the set up before. However, due to the fact that you can counter God Seths Dark Blessing with Coma immunity, you can ditch the Paladin and go for more damage buffs. For our set up we decided on the Ensemble Song "Drum on the Battlefield". ======================================== ========== Walk Through ========== Map: The map is a mirror of "Bios Island" (1@dth1; 1@dth2; 1@dth3). The mission is split into three "parts". On the first 2 maps you get confronted with a lost Soul. It is up to you now to fid the Statues on the map and click their switches. Both maps are basically the same and have the statues on the same spots. If someone already activated the statue, the message will tell you that it looks dusty. Once that is done, on each map a so to speak "mini boss", the Gate Keeper will appear, you will need to kill them. The First Mini Boss' Element: Ghost Second Mini Boss' Element: Neutral You will arrive on the last map, a single big room. Go to the enter and trigger the dialog. Once the soul is done talking, activate the 4 Statues in the corner. Make sure your party is ready, because this will trigger the last MVP ... The last MVP comes in two shapes: Seth (can change property, so keep Sense on him) God Seth (always Holy property) The major difficulty on Seth is, that he spams Chain Lightning, a Warlock Wind Property Skill. Once Seth is defeated, his adult form, God Seth will spawn right after in the middle of the map. God Seth is "easier" to tank, however he can use Dark Blessing. The mission ends when God Seth is defeated, the loot chest will appear on the middle of the map. To get better informations about the MVPs, you can use @mi 4319 and @mi 4320. Their stats are the following: ======================================== ========== The Tank ========== As in basically every instance in Revival, Professor is the best Tank to go. Their major job is to lay down Vulcano, then Dispell and Sense the MVP. Magic Rod can also help to prevent damage from Chain Lightning. High Wind resistance helps to Tank Seth. - Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Thunderproof Potion Ghostring Hat [2] - Giant Hornet Card Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0] Caliginous Cloak [1] - Dustiness Card Valkyrian Shoes [1] - Purplering Card Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Apache Coated Boots / Puff Eye Ring Combo; Fuzzy Bunny Scarf Basically any item that helps you get some Resistance for Wind. God Seth isn't that difficult to tank, just make sure your Hard DEF is high enough (similar to Cedi tanking). Sometimes our Tank even forgot to switch items and could tank God Seth with his "Wind Set" as well. Tenshi Ring [0] Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0], Great Old Cloak [0], Great Old Boots [0] Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Elunium Set Basically any item that helps you getting high Hard DEF. Tank Variant 2: Christmas Headgears Snowbear Hoodie [2] - Giant Hornet Card Let It Snow [1] - Mistress Card White Scarf [0] Meteor Plate [1] - Comodo Card Keris [1] - DEF Enchatns; Any Card you like Vigilante Shield [1] - DEF Orb, Pushback Orb; Alice Card Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] - Dustiness Card Elunium Greaves [0] Topaz Ring [0] - Or Any you desire Enhancing Clip [0] Basically the same set up as before, refines help on getting hard Defense. The new headgears also give some nice Wind Resistance against Seth's Chain Lightning. Together the gears reech 90 DEF and 112% Wind Resistance. ========== The Killer ========== Best killer also for this instance is Sniper. Due to the element changes of Seth, they got the easiest ways to react to that (by changing Arrows) and do the most damage to him. Drooping Amistr [0] / Heirozoist Hat [1] / Gold Snacpback Cap [0] - Dyunerr / Dark Ping Card Large Red Angelwing [1] - Dyunerr/ Dark Ping Card Jessica's Bell [0] Luciu's Fierce Armor of Vulcano [1] - Gloom Under Night Card Spectral Bow [4] / Goblin Bow [2] / Giant Bow [2] - Abysmal Knight Card Heroic Backpack [1] - Annunaki Card Ebony Greaves [1] / Fey Boots [1] / Elvira Boots [1] - Ascendent Orc Card / Orc Knight Card Recondite Ring [1] - Impolsion Card Consumables: Arrows (all of them), Your default damage increasing Buff items To reduce the chance of getting frozen, we used Jessica's Bell. If you don't care for that, you can use any other lower for more damage. Different Hats are listed to cover up the Element changes Seth can do. Beside that, nothing special, just your normal Crit Lock Sniper. Note: Since both our Sniper are max stat, I didn't included their stats. However, you can also do it with an "legit" Sniper with their standard stats. Max DEX, Enough AGI for max ASPD, and LUK for some CRIT. Killer Variants with Christmas Gears Not much changed for the killer, beside the release of the neat "Pink Scarf" and "Present of Snow". Worth a try if you got those gears. ========== Example Run ========== I recorded one of our runs. I am generally very laggy, so enjoy that PowerPoint Presentation. *UPDATE: I got new internet, now the second video will be much more pleasent to watch, yey!* Team set up 1 & Old Prof Equipment: https://youtu.be/NZ4XZTeu0VU Team set up 2 & Christmas Gear Tanker: https://youtu.be/8hV701yFn2o
  3. ========== For Honor and Glory. War of Emperium ... and you ========== War of Emperium is a PvP (GvG) oriented content, in which Guilds fight on special Castle maps for the ownership of said castles by breaking the Emperium in it. ========== The Basics ========== ====== The Guild ===== Guilds can be created by pressing ALT+G. You will see a pop up that will ask you to name your guild. Make sure you also have an Emperium in your inventory! Once you did this, you will be greeted with the Guild Window. It contains all important information about your guild. Guild Name, Guild lvl (max be 50), Clan Master Name (Guild Leader), Number of members (max be 16) and their average Level and the the Castles the guild owns. Tendancy is not important since it is not used in game. Alliances and Antagonists are removed in RevivalRO, due the less competition. Usually you could set up to 3 Alliances and Antagonists. > Alliances: During WoE, those guildes and their members are friendly towards you, they will not attack you and fight along side with you. You can also set a Emblem for your guild. They have a maximum size of 24x24 pixel, the color hot pink (R 255, B 255, G 0) will be displayed transparent in game, the image extension is '.bmp'. Emblems are saved in the game folder in the sub folder "Emblem". The next tab contains the guild member information. Here you can see who is in your guild and if they are online. In this tab you can also set the different "Position" names (also knows as Titles) for each member. Right Click on a member gives you different option. If you got the power, you can expel them or set them as Guild Leader. You can also invite them directly to your party (this comes handy when you need to invite someone quick and don't want the hassle of writing). In the Position tab you can set the different "Position Titles", or short just "Titles". There are 50 free spaces to use (0 being the Guild Leaders; 49 the default Title every new invited member gets). You can also set the rights every person with that Title has. Invitation allows them to invite people into the guild, Punish allows them to kick people from the guild (expect the Guild Leader). Storage allows people to access the guilds own storage. This storage has 600 space, but can only be open by one person at a time. NOTE: If the server restarts (like after a maintenance), you need to set those rights again. Taxes are the percent of EXP the person with the Title gives to the guild to level it up. Maximum Taxes being 50%. Guild skills will be talked about later on in detail. The Expel History shows you the people that got kicked out of the guild with the reason (if any was given). It doesn't show people that left on their own. Guild Notice lets you write a small message, that everyone can see if they log in. Leaving a guild: you can leave guilds anytime by right click your name and choose "Leave Guild". Changing Guild Leader: you can change the Leader of a guild anytime with @changegm [charactername]. The character you want to transfer the rights to needs to be in the guild and online. Disband a guild: To disband your guild you need to kick every member in it, till only the guild leader is left. Then you type /breakguild "[guildname]". ===== Guild Skills ===== Offical Guild Approval [1] - Allows you to join in War of Emperium (if your guild don't have that, you get kicked out of the castle). Contract with Kafra [1] - Lets you use a Kafra NPC in the castles you own. Guardian Research [1] - Allows you to call Guardians to defend your castle. Strengthen Guardians [3] - Enchants Guardians. Affects their Attack Power and Walking Speed. Guild Extension [10] - Increases the capacity of member that can join the guild, +40. NOTE: Due to the dimishing numbers of people that join WoE, guilds maximum members got reduced to 16. Great Leadership [5] - All guild members in a 5 cell range around the guild leader get +5 STR. Glorious Wounds [5] - All guild members in a 5 cell range around the guild leader get +5 VIT. Cold Heart [5] - All guild members in a 5 cell range around the guild leader get +5 AGI. Hawk Eyes [5] - All guild members in a 5 cell range around the guild leader get +5 DEX. Development [1] - Adds a 50% chance of gaining an extra point when investing on your castles commercial growth. Battle Order [1] - Only usable during WoE. All guild member on screen range gain +5 STR, INT and DEX. Lasts 1min, Cooldown 5min. Regeneration [3] - Only usable during WoE. All guild member on screen range gain [HP/SP Revovery Rate*3], Cooldown 5min. Restore [1] - Only usable during WoE. All guild member on screen range restore 90% Max HP/SP, Cooldown 5min. Emergency Call [1] (short: E-Call) - Guild leader summons all guild member around him. Fixed Casting time of 5 sec (10 sec for Taekwon Classes), can be interrupted and probably will be. Cannot be dragged into the skillbar. Cooldown 5min. Even tho there are quiet a few skills, the only one that actually matters is E-Call. Emergency Call is a very powerful skill in WoE, since it gives you a lot of advantages. But I will get to that in detail later. But why not also use Battle Order, Regeneration or Restore? Well the thing with those, together with E-Call, is, their Cool downs count for all. Once you used Battle Orders for example, you can't just use E-Call after it. You would need to wait 5min. Usually E-Call is too important to waste the Cool down time on other skills. ========== War of Emperium - Summary ========== We already established what WoE is in the begin, but lets get some more details. ===== When is WoE? ===== WoE Times can be checked on every towns "WoE Kafra", she also tells you the current castle owners. WoE days are on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. If you have trouble finding out when WoE is for you, just check the NPC, then do @time to see what Server time is at the moment. NOTE: The first time is European time (UTC+2), in Summertime. Server time is the time in gray (UTC+8). ===== Where is WoE? ===== As mention, guilds fight in castles for their ownership. In Ragnarok there are 6 "Realms" which have those WoE maps. Each Realm has up to 5 castles. Not all castles are active at a time tho, you need to check to the time chart which castle is active. NOTE: I will not put a map of every castle in there, but link the rms for it, otherwise that guide would become endlessly long. Luina Guild (Al De Baran) [alde_gld] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4001 Neuschwanstein (aldeg_cas01); Hohenschwangau (aldeg_cas02); Nünberg (aldeg_cas03); Würzburg (aldeg_cas04); Rothenburg (aldeg_cas05) Greenwood Lake Guild (Payon) [pay_gld] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4002 Bright Arbor (payg_cas01); Scarlet Palace (payg_cas02); Holy Shadow (payg_cas03); Sacred Altar (payg_cas04); Bamboo Grove Hill (payg_cas05) Britoniah Guild (Geffen) [gef_fild13] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4003 Repherion (gefg_cas01); Eeyolbriggar (gefg_cas02); Yesnelph (gefg_cas03); Bergel (gefg_cas04); Mersetzdeitz (gefg_cas05) Valkyrie Realm Guild (Prontera) [prt_gld] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4004 Kriemhild (prtg_cas01); Swanhild (prtg_cas02); Fadhgridh (prtg_cas03); Skoegul (prtg_cas04); Gondul (prtg_cas05) Arunafeltz Guild (Rachel) [aru_gld] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4202 Mardol (arug_cas01); Cyr (arug_cas02); Horn (arug_cas03); Gefn (arug_cas04); Banadis (arug_cas05) Schwaltzvalt Guild (Yuno) [sch_gld] > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=areainfo&area=4201 Himinn (schg_cas01); Andlangr(schg_cas02); Vidblainn (schg_cas03); Hljod (schg_cas04); Skidbladnir (schg_cas05) Guild maps can be /memo, Teleport and @jump are allowed on them. You can only use the WoE Kafra to warp to the realms while WoE times. If you desire to go there outside of those times you either need to walk, or use a Priests Warp Portal (if they saved that map). The "Basic" First Edition WoE maps provide also NPCs to access "Hall of Abyss". Inside the castles you can access also different NPCs, like TAGRAS or Guild Dungeon warpers. ===== Whats the goal? ===== Note: I know some people play WoE more to "get kills", but I will here point out the original goal. The main goal of WoE is to get into the castle and break the "Emperium", which then makes your guild the owner of the castle. The Emperium is a "Monster", with the properties Small, Holy and Angel. In Loki it got boosted HP, up to 10m HP, to make breaking it harder. Due to this, Priests are very good for defending the Emperium., more to that later tho. When WoE is over, Guildes get access to the Guild dungeons associated with the castle they conquered. If you for Example conquered Repherion while WoE, you now can access the Geffen Guild Dungeon. Further you also get access to the Hall of Abyss of said realm, if 100m got donated into their opening. Details on Hall of Abyss: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hall_of_Abyss Beside those free access, the Guild Master now can use the Butler NPC inside the castle to "loot" the Masters room and increase the castles Economy and Defense. For a small amount of zeny you can invest in those 2 things twice per day (the timer resets always at Server time midnight). Increasing the "Economic Status" will make that more Treasure Chests within the master room appear. Treasure chests can drop useful (and less useful) items such as: Green Box, Speed Potion Box, Deadly Poison Box, Defense Potion Box, Magic Defense Potion Box, Abrasiv Box, 3c Diamond and most importantly, to a small chance ingredients to make Godly items. Depending on how well your team performed in WoE you further will get WoE Coins, to buy things in the WoE shop on the Prontera Guild map. ===== WoE Mechanics ===== Wiki Link: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium Once a Castle is broken, you can set up different mechanics that help you defending it. In First Edition WoE (Payon, Alde Baran, Prontera and Geffen) you can call "Guardians" for 100.000 zeny each. There are three types of Guardians, Sword, Knight and Archer. Guardians can be called with the same NPC that let the Guild Master invest in the castles economy and send them to the Treasure room. Only a Guild Master can call Guardians. Wiki Link: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/War_of_Emperium_2 The Second Editions castles, also commonly called "Stones" or "Stone castles" have more defensive mechanism. The castles got their name due the ability to set up Barricades (Cades) and Guardian Stones. Barricades can only be build by the Guild Master. Once they are broken, they can't be rebuild (you do can let your enemy take the castle tho, then conquer it again; and then build up Barricades again). There are 3 sets of Barricades (Cades 1, Cades 2, Cades 3). Further everyone in the guild, Guild Master and members alike can set up Guardian stones. Every Castle has 2 Stones. Once they are both set up, Guardians get called automatically. If a Stone breaks, it can be rebuild after 5min. "Stone" castles are a lot bigger then the normal castles, that's why they also need the usage of "Flags". Flags can be found outside EVERY castle (First and Second Edition). The outside flags will always teleport you inside the castles spawn point (varies from castle to castle) and in Stones it will always teleport you into the Emperium room. On different "check points" in the Stone castle you can find flags that will teleport you back into the Emperium room. Vice versa, in the Emperium room you can find a row of flags that will teleport you on different check points within the castle. It is from advantage if the Guild Master knows, which Flag leads to which check point, to command quick their memebers (however, that doesn't mean that the members also maybe try to speed up their support by learning them a bit :p). Example: Flag 1 in the Emp room leads you to the Stones, Flag 1-1 to Stone 1 and Flag 1-2 to Stone 2. To build Cades and Stones you need to carry a set of times: Barricades: 30 Trunk, 10 Steel, 5 Oridecon, 10 Emvertracon IMPORTANT: On creating the Barricades you will get to choose which material depending on a Text message. If you want to build Cades quick, try to learn the messages and look for key words that you can associate the materials with (For Example, one prompt says "the frames damaged" > tells you to use Trunk). Stones: 1 Elunium, 1 Oridecon, 30 Stone, 5 Blue Gemstone, 5 Red Gemstone, 5 Yellow Gemstone IMPORTANT: When building the Stones, have /effects on. First you will need to select the order in which the ores be set (Stone > Elunium > Oridecon), then you need to select depending on the effect Red, Yellow or Blue Gemstone. The Effects are the same as in the Sages ground skills, they have the same color as the Gemstone. Recovering Stones, Barricades and Emperium All three can get their HP restored by shift-right click "Heal". Depending on who is attacking, you can either Safety Wall them, or put Pneuma on them. Stones and Barricades are Neutral, but as already mention, the Emperium is Holy. Therefore you can stop Breakers with forcing Holy Property attack on them with "Aspersio". NOTE: This only works if the Breaker doesn't wear Evil Druid Card and makes himself Undead with that. Another thing to mention is, that you can't use "Emergency Call" directly or in close range to the Emperium. You will get the prompt that you can't use the skill and you need to walk away further from it to use it. ===== Hostage ===== A common practice in WoE is taking castles "hostage". But what does that mean? It is pretty simple, you basically guarentee your guild the break. To hostage a castle, you need to find a castle that isn't yours. You normally enter it (commonly those castles are abandon by their owner). You set your defense as usual (basically you defend the enemies castle so to speak), BUT you also have a Breaker at the Emperium. The goal of a hostage is to have a quick break in case the enemy rushs in. Hostages are common practice near the end of WoE, to get a break "last minute". Advantages: If the break doesn't fail, you have a pretty guarentee castle. If a castle breaks, all enemies get kicked out. You get the advantage of setting up a defense or coming back to the stack quickly, while the enemy needs to walk. Disadvantages: You need to be really, REALLY certain your breaker either A) damaged the Emp enough to quick break it or B) in general breaks quick; in case someone disturbes the hostage. If you die in a hostage, you can't flag in; you need to walk back. It's risky to only rely on one hostage: if the enemy can run over your defense, you lose all. ========== Getting started with your Guild ========== For a helping hand from the server, check out the Guild Packages they support. :3 Anyways, beside that. It always helps if you and your guildmates at least know "what is suppose to happen". What I mean by that is, if you don't even know WHERE the current WoE castle is, chances are pretty high that you would also not survive in WoE. To put it simple, WoE is a End-Game content. You work towards it to be better prepared for it. You can't expect to go in with your freshly max level and "newbie" gears and not get salughtered by players who do this literally for YEARS now (also most people love fresh meat, so do't take it too personal ;d). But enough of the depressing reality talk. Lets be more positive. ===== Keep yourself drugged up! Consumables ===== Important to every guilds survival are Consumables, also called mostly "Supply". Supply can be provided by the Guild Master, but isn't a Must-Go. Somethings take a lot time in farming, so not everything can be always provided by every guild. Appreciate what your Guild Master is willing to give you, and don't be too greedy. Yggdrasil Berries and Seeds aren't usable in WoE, that's why the main source for healing HP is Condensed Potions. Common Consumables: Condensed White Potion - Best if from one of the Top 10 Ranked Creators (check /alchemist who that is), ranked those potions heal 50% more. Blue Potion - Also heals 50% more if ranked, not really needed for every class tho (most commonly needed for Champions or Spam-heavy classes). Speed Potion - Increases your Movement Speed, it helps a lot when chasing or running away from enemies, or simply get faster back to your friends when you died. Can be bought in the Sealed Shrine Instance, or in Hall of Abyss/ WoE Shop or from other players. Speed Potion Alternatives: Box of Thunder, Laver Poison Bottle - Assassin Cross need those for their Enchant Deadly Poison Skill, to do more damage. Not a must have to supply, but always nice to help out your SinX friends. Can be farmed in Hall of Abyss, or Bio Lab3. Regeneration Potion - Helps you recover HP and also Healing on you will increase. Great especially for tanking classes like Paladin. Can be farmed with GP in Hall of Abyss. Magical Defense / Defense Potion - Not a must-have, still can be helpful to share if the Guild Master obtained them from looting the Treasure Chest. Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee - Provides 20 PD. Can be farmed when you finished a certain point in the Onward to the new world Quest Line. Elemental Proof Potion - Gives 20% Resistance to one element they represent. Can be farmed with a Plasma Card. Holy Elemental Scroll - Enchants your armor with Holy. Useful against Wizards magic. Can be obtained from RDC Reward Officer. Panacea - Cures status aliments, can be bought from Tool Dealer for a low price. Other Supply: Things that I, personally, would consider less of guild supply, since those are mandatory for some classes to function (basically what I want to say with that, if you can't supply your own play style, maybe consider playing something less farm/money consuming). Cobweb - Professors need those to cast Spider Web on enemies. Can be Farmed from Argos. Bottle Grenade and Acid Bottle - Creators need those to use their Acid Terror, Demonstration and Acid Demonstration skills. Can be farmed in Bio Lab Basement (Acid) or bought in Eden Mall. Blue Gemstones/ Any Gemstones - Priest, Wizards and sometimes Professor. They are cheap to obtain and there are a lot of Equipment/Cards that nullify Gemstone Requirements. As Guild Master: always keep some zeny on hand in case you need to call Guardians for the castles defense. In case of Stone Castles, keep the materials for making Cades in storage. ===== Buffs! ===== It is important to keep Buffs up in WoE. Usually people use Alts to not bother their team mates too much and have a shorter time to come back to the stack. Common alts that mostly wait for their Masters at the spawn point are: Full Chemical Protection - Creator Alts are a stable. Having your Equipment not being stripped or broken is always handy. Soul Links - Soul Linker Alt. Depends on the class, some classes don't need Links, so they don't use these as alts. However you can buff also Kaite and Kaupe on yourself. Classes that benefit from SL Alts: Stalker, High Wizards, Performer. Priest Buffs - High Priest Alt. Teammate priests usually have already enough to do with babysit the whole guild, so some people play the save route and give themself Buffs like AGI up, Blessing, Assumptio and Impositio. ===== Get geared up! How to survive better ===== A very big part of playing decently in WoE is to have good gears. It is the biggest obstacle, and very hard to come by it. This isn't only due to the fact that the "meta" relevante gears are expensive or hard to get, but also because this server has a long history. A lot of the players in "big" guildes have experience and resources on good gears. You need to show dedication to stand up against that. In the following sections I will list of some of the more commonly used items. This doesn't mean tho, it's the "only good way", you can experiment and collect experience by yourself still. Also I will not type down the description of every single item. NOTE: Please refer to ratemyserver.net and our own RevivalRO wiki for the details. Low Budget Definition: Non-Donor Items. Farmable Items. Event/Quest Items. Event Coppola, Feather Beret, Spider Seduction - Upper Headgear, provides Demi-Human/Medium Resistance. Amistr Hat - Upper Headgear, while not being the most optimal choice, Melee Attackers mostly don't have alot other choices. Rima's Ribbon/Variant Veil - Upper Headgear, useful for Priests. Magic Wizard's Eyes - Upper Headgear, useful for Wizards. Cedi Small and Middle Wings - Middle Headgear, coming in the colors White (Tank), Red (Melee Crit) and Blue (Magic), mostly given out free from older players since they have no use for these. Wing Headphones - Middle Headgear, provides Demi-Human Resistance. Can be obtained in Event Shop. Fable Silk - Middle Headgear, Useful for classes that need to be linked (Soul Linker, Performer), however you also recieve more damage while wearing it. Use it only when you really have to. Fuzzy Bunny Scarf - Lower Headgear, provides Elemental Resist. Easter Event Item. Honoray Bunny Mouth - Lower Headgear, Provides Blind/Silence Immunity and Water Resists. Easter Event Item. Yatta - Lower Headgear, Provides Water Resistance, Quest Item. Valkyrie Armor Set - Cheap, can have some decent stats. Especially the Manteau is in high demand for classes that can use the PD bonus it gives. Tailoring/Metalworking Sets - Mostly a rather more leveling/farming set, it sadly lacks card slots. Armor of Nothingness, Cape of Silhouette, Haunted Forest Shoes, Creserent Arm Guard - Easy to obtain in the 2019 Halloween Event with decent effects. Lv1 Weapons in Mall - Despite being pretty low in their own stats, these can be easily made +10 and mostly provide 4 slots, which can be filled with decent cards. WS Crafted Weapons/Metalworking, Handicrafting Weapons - Can be self-made, examples would be Solid Weapons, Hardened Steel Weapons (< Note, that might border into Mid Tier suggestions), VVVS Weapons. Drake Saber - Obtainable from RDC Tier 1, a decent Sword for classes that can use it. Fortune Sword/Grimtooth - Weapon, very easy to obtain Weapons. Fortune provides PD, Grim reduces SDef. Handicrafted Rings - Sapphire Ring, Asteria Ring, Ruby Ring. Resplendite Ring, Asomatous Ring - Can be obtained in Cedi/RDC. Aso Ring is Account bound. Mid Tier, more experienced Players Definition: More "harder" Instance Gears, Low Priced Donates, can also overlap with Low-Budget. RDC Helm - Upper Headgear, can be set with your own desired stats. Can't be used in Legit WoE. Healer's Heart Hat - Upper Headgear, provides Demi-Human Resistance and some status Resistance, overall a "upgraded" version of the Coppola. Can be obtained by farming Hall of Abyss. Antique Helm (Antique Armor Parts) - Upper Headgear, Can be set with indivudale effects. You need to the Bio Lab4 opening quests to get the chance to obtain it (The Boy who cried Wolfchev, bribe the officer money). Large Red/White/Blue Anglewing - Middle Headgear, Each with different effects can be very useful for some classes. Can be obtained in Cedi, mostly older players rather sell them than give them out for free. Tidung/Orc Knight Plate - Armor, can be obtained from MvPs, or bought from players. Cedi Item Gears - Great Old Set, Calig Cloak, Vvest, Ebony Greaves etc. Immune Shield - Sadly can only be obtained in Morroc Carnival. Recondite Ring/ Vendor's Clip, Sniper's Clip - Obtainable from Cedi/ EPs. Kraken Accessory/Golden Hole Accessory. Combat Knife - Weapon, sort of also blends into Low Budget since it can be bought from players. Provides Demi-Human Resistance. Thanatos Weapons - Can be obtained in "Ghost Palace". Hall of Abyss Weapons - Can have nice effects for several classes. Requiers Hall of Abyss farming. High End Tier, experienced Players Definition: Donated Premium Items, End-Game Instances, Gears can overlap with previous Tiers. Basically any donate shop items, commonly: PvP Magic, Melee, Range Headgears/Lucky Boxes. Sale Items. This section really depends on your Needs, Class and how much Premium coins you are willing to spend. Usually a good get go are "Speed Wing" (Rose Ring Effect) that give Movement Speed also. For Lowers "Balloon" gears, which provide some status Resistance. WoE Equipment Sets - While not technically "hard" to obtain, you do need WoE coins to buy them. Provides a big chunk of Demi-Human Resistance with some other effects. Red/Blue Neckties, Sheep/Yoyo Backpack - For magic/physical damage dealers, requiers MPs. Melanis Enchanted Gears - Mirror Shard, Elektro Feeler and Abyssmal Ringmail. Wolfchev Weapons - Mostly Nicholas Love and Staf of Tower. HoA MvP Loots - Sterne, Valkyrie Breastplate, Bronze Greaves. Higher RDC Tiers - Seth's Pride/Wrath, Haunted/Unholy Guitar/Whip, Goblin Weapons (Resco). Costum MvP cards - Poring MvP (Wizard and Knight), HoA MvPs (Herja), Orc Village (OCC and OKC), Baal, RSX Pii; Bio Labs 3/4/Basement MvPs, Nidhogg's Shadow Card. Common Cards Definition: Can range from Cards for a few million, to more "expensive" things. Headgear Cards: Elemental Resist Cards - Permeter, Leaf Cat, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet, Giearth - Providing 10% for each element they represent (Permeter 15%). Status Resist Cards - Gemini-S58, Orc Hero, Marduk, Evil Snake Lord, Ungoliant - Providing % Resistances or Immunities to several Status. You can stack those also, for Example 3 Gemini and a 10% from the Balloon Lower gear. Other Headgear Cards: Mistress, Dark Pinguicula, Duneyrr, Rata - Depending on the class and your needs, Rata for Example is a stable for Magic damage dealers. Armor Cards: Detardeurus, Gioia, Grand Marin, Marc - All Providing Freeze immunity. A common status effect in woe. Ghostring, Grand Ghostring, Angeling - Enchants Armor with either Ghost/Holy. Ghost enchant is good for tanking Neutral damage, while Holy is good for tanking magical damage. Gloom Under Night - For Breakers to deal damage on the Emperium. Garment: Elemental Resistance Cards: Marse, Jakk, Hode, Dustiness, Raydric, Deviling, Nobby the Novice - Providing 30% to each element, Raydric 20%, Deviling 50%. - Polistes, Noxious, Anunaki Shoes & Shield: GEC, Apache Tear, Amon Ra, Fallen Bishop Hibram. Thara Frog, Maya, Horn, GTB - Shield; Thara the basic PvP card here with providing 30% Demi Resistance. Accessory: Alligator, Yoyo, Errende Ebecee. Weapon: This is heavily depending on the class you play and the weapon you use. Best for that be to ask directly what's best to use. Commonly Killer classes use things like Zakudam, Daeyhon, Grand Metalling, etc. Status inflicting Cards: Lord of the Dead, Drake, OCC, Stormy Knight, Valkyrie Randgris. A lot of these things have overlapping borders. Some items you can easily buy from players, which makes them overlap into the Low Budget Tier or Mid Tier sometimes. Overall can be said, you do can make decent WoE gears with legit gears and no donations at all. But it will make it harder, especially for classes that aim on killing. In that regard the server sadly shifts a little bit into pay for winning territory. Nontheless, you can still always farm for coins or join community Events to get some and improve your gear. Tanking and Dodging Beside the usual resistance stacking, a common way to reduce damage is by simply evading it. PD is a very common way on just literally "dodging" damage. PD, Perfect Dodge is the "+ Number" next to your "Flee". Anything from 100 and above will totally evade MELEE attacks. Even with 100 PD, you can still get hit by Skills and Magic. Commonly used for PD are items like: Fortune Sword/ Solid Weapons; Valkyrie Manteau (only for certain classes); Yoyo Card; PD Cedi Orbs and armors like GO Hauberk or WoE Armor. The best Buff for gaining PD is Clowns "Whistle" song. PD gets increased by LUK. Flee on the other hand can also dodge Skills, however Magic will still hit you. Flee is reduced in WoE by 20%. Good Flee 'Whores' can reach numbers up to 1000 Flee and more. Common gears for Flee are: Fox Ears (Donate), Elegant Wings (Donate), Orc Knight Plate, Flee Orbs. The best Buff for gaining Flee is Clowns "Whistle" song. Flee gets increased with AGI. Pure "tanking" can be archived with Demi-Human or Medium Resistance (Players are Demi-Human, Medium, Neutral by default). Demi-Human resistance is capped at 65%. Further you can decrease damage taken from Short Range, Long Range and Misc Attacks. The damage Sniper does is Long Range, but also Wizards Magic counts into that. Long Range Resistance is also capped at 65%. Misc Attacks are (mainly) Acid Demonstration and Snipers Falcon skills. NOTE: No matter if your are a support class or killer. ALWAYS have a "tanking" set on hand. Not even the best Paladin and Priest can save you if you take the damage of like 5 people with no reduction at all. Already small things like Thara Frog, Raydric/Noxious/Polistes and maye a Coppola/Combat Knife can make everyones live easier and yours longer. ===== Class set up! How to build your team ===== Sadly not every class is vaiable in current WoE. Especially with the guild size cut down to 16 people, you really need to look who plays which job. Keep in mind tho, these are just the "common" observations, you can still play whatever the hell you want. Guild Master: Commonly used: Stalker, Assassin Cross, Creator, Paladin. Guild Master mostly need fast walking classes, that can hide behind the enemy and E-Call. Stalker are perfect for this Job, but mostly lack a bit on the damage dealing side. Assassin can basically do the same, but usually need to fill the Breaker Job too, which means they need to decide between the two. Creator can push fast and reach high Resistances. Recently Paladin also got often used as Leaders. Biggest disadvantage of that tho is that Paladins can't Devote each other. Also due to the limit space, you mostly need to support your team and can't focus on a yolo Call. Other Classes: High Priest - An key role for the support, provides Healing, Recoveries, Buffs, DeBuffs and Protection of the castles Emperium. A Priest that knows what they are doing has a lot value. Champion - A pretty decent Killer class, that usually can take out key parts of the enemies set up if he does it right. Asura Strike is a powerful skill, the downside of it is tho, that it can be tanked with Ghostring. Creator - A very powerful class that can fill in both roles, supporrt and killing. Providing Buffs like FCP and can deal good damage with Acid Demonstration and Marine Spheres. Downside is, it needs a lot money to maintaine. Whitesmith - Rather rarely seen in WoE, they do can deal big damage with Cart Termination, but also need decent gears. Paladin - Probably the most important class in every guild. Main tank, providing great buffs and most importantly: Devotion. In the best case, have at least 2 or 3 of them. Lord Knight - Due to the shifting Meta, LK has fallen a bit out of favor, but their damage output is still pretty good with skills like Brandish Spear. Professor - A very versitile class that has access to a lot of skills and can do all kinds of support. Having one is always good. They can support the team with Wall of Fog, Safety Wall and DeBuffs like Dispell, Soul Burn and can place ground effects such as Deluge and Land Protector. With the right Equipment, they can even snatch some kills too. High Wizard - Killing class with the ability to deal AoE elemental damage. Only downside is that they need some expensive Equipment to do decent damage and need experience (Example: not mindlessly spam one skill even tho it doesn't seem to have an effect at all). With good damage comes the fact of being squishy, so they also kinda rely on Devotion. Stalker - Another versitle Class, back in the days one of the major Breaker classes, nowadays became a bit slow in their Breaks, Stalker now mostly fullfill the "trolling" role. Causing literal Panic in the enemy is key part of their playstyle, distracting so your team has a easier time on picking up the enemy. Can DeBuff the enemy with Skills like (copied) FSK and Full Strip, or causing AoE status with Raid. Assassin Cross - Main Breaker class and also became a very good damage dealer. Downside is that their high damage mostly depends on the Enchant Deadly Poison Buff. Nontheless, a key role on picking up weaker parts in the enemy set up and deal good damage on more tankier classes. Performer: Gypsy/Clown - Support roles that mainly focus on "trolling". Their songs give great Buffs and sometimes DeBuffs on enemy. Trolling mostly comes in the shape of Scream and Frost Joke, which can be very effective if the enemy lacks Resistance. Sadly due to the nature of the class, Gypsy is heavily outclassed by Clown. Always good to have them on your side. Sniper - Currently the Meta is mainly focused on Range damage, Snipers became a very good damage dealer, especially with their skill Sharp Shooting (Double Strafe can also still hurt). In combination with Clowns Bragi, you will get high DPS. They do can be Breaker too, but usually Assassin are faster. Beside the DPS aspect, they also can lay Traps (Ankle Snare) to slow/stop the enemy from pushing. Soul Linker - A very good support class, that also can kill with the right gears. Some classes rely on their Links (Stalker, High Wizard and Performer), and Kaupe/Kaite are good Buffs to keep the team alive. The only downside is, that they need to be linked themselves to Buff their team. Soul Linkers are also a hard counter to magic due to their Kaite Buff just reflecting all magic back to the caster. Star Gladiator - Despite being one of the best class in Farming, their potencial in WoE is rather "meh". That doesn't mean they can't be good damage dealers. The issue here is mostly that you can't really use Union, since it will drain your HP fast and that their major damage output relies on the Running+FSK combo. Castles have less space to Run properly, so it takes skill to play them properly. Gunslinger - Part of the "Range Meta", Gunslinger can dish out hugh chunks of damage, but have the issue of Cast Delay. They depend a lot on Clowns Bragi to spam their skills decently fast. Ninja - Can do decent damage, but have sadly a lot downsides to them. Their Magic is purely Single Target, so they can be countered easily with Maya, and they are limited to 3 Elements (Wind, Water and Fire). Overall there isn't really a use for them, since a High Wizard can do basically the same and has more variety of Elements and AoE. Throwing and Final Strike Buildes aren't viable either, since they lack of damage. Super Novice - ... No use at all for that, better not waste your time. In short, mandatory classes in WoE are: Priests, Paladins, Assassin, Wizard, Sniper/Gunslinger, Performer. Additional classes that are good to have in the team: Professor, Creator, Soul Linker, Stalker, Champion and Lord Knight. Sidenote to this: It is also important to be flexible. If you notice you are weak to something your enemy uses, try to make find a counter role for it. For Example: your enemy has alot Wizards using magic, so you can go the counter way on using a Professor using Land Protector or a Soul Linker hard counter them with Kaite. Another Sidenote on the Sidenote: HOWEVER. Make always sure you KNOW how to play that class. Your team will have no benefit if you have no clue what the hell you are doing. Teamwork But just the right set up isn't enough. A major part is also the Teamwork. You can have the best set up in the world, if your team has the ability of working together like a piece of bread, you will most likely lose. Teamwork doesn't only include that, it also means, are you able to LISTEN to your Guild Leader. Further, make sure you are quick in "coming back" into the castle. Taking ages to rebuff yourself won't help anyone. The longer you need to get your set up ready, the more time the enemy has to build up theirs as well. General good points for a decent Team would be: Stick with your supports, they here to support you (the Killer), so don't make their job harder as it is already Priests: You are babysitters (You will quick learn how suicidal people can be when you need to keep them alive). And always the one to blame, so don't take it too personal. Killers, don't jump around and chase any enemy on sight and get killed alone, stick with your team. They are friends (mostly). Basically, if you are the defending side, just let the enemy come to (in your castle), the enemy wants you, there is no reason to mindlessly chase it down as if there is no tomorrow and risk destroying your set up. Practice A way to practice your skills can be Battleground and PvP or Horus. Sadly the server is a bit dead in those regards sometimes, so you need to look when those are active. ========== Leading the Guild - Guild Leader Tips and Tricks ========== As already mention before, leading basically cuts down in providing your team the advantage of having a good E-Call for facing the enemy. You Command them to certain castles and spots inside there. Nothing is worser like your team having no clue what the "common goal" is, like where is the regroup spot? What castle are we even in? Commanding: The command to broadcast messages on top of the guildes screen is @gw. @gw can also be set to be used by guild members, associated with a title. For Example "Title number 5: DA BEST", to give everyone who has that title the command @gw, you type @gw 5 1 (and to remove that rights @gw 5 0). Now everyone with the title can broadcast messages (which only the guild can see). Now you can type anything with this @gw [message]. It comes handy for people that usually don't pay much attention to the chat box. If the guild has good teamwork (and brain), usually you don't need to command much. It still can't be bad to keep broadcasting things such as "where to go" and "where to regroup". Reconnecting: A big no-go as Guild Leader is leaving the castle by reconnecting. The simple reason for that being, that E-Call time resets with that. If you log out and back in, the timer will start again with 5min cooldown. An easy solution to this is: if your spawn is close to a @go point, just type @go that town. If it's more hidden, you can use Butterfly Wings to get you to your respawn point. Be aware of what your team can accomplish: Trying your best is good, but nothing is worser then keep pushing on an enemy you can't defeat. It's important to also accept defeat. If you can't break through a defense, try it and if your team just cant; retreat and conquer your own castle. (It can be especially frustrating if you maybe really want to push against a certain enemy, but it is already near end WoE. You keep pushing and maybe accomplish nothing, and might not even get a quick last minute castle) E-Calling: As already established, E-Call is a very important skill. E-Call has a fixed cast time of 5 seconds (doubled on Taekwon-Classes). It can be interrupted (Phen and similar things don't work on it). However, there are ways to support E-Calls. Devotion (Paladin skill): If you are under the effect of Devotion, your cast won't get cancled even if you get attacked. Being protected with Safety Wall, Pneuma, Kaupe, Kyrie. Depends on what attacks you. Having PD. If you get meleed only. What misses on you, can't cancle you. Things that stop E-Calls: Provoke (Lord Knight/Paladin skill): Solution against that: Evil Druid Card. Spell Breaker (Professor skill): No work around on that. Bleeding. While having the Bleeding status, you will get damage (which isn't visible), so if you try E-Call while Bleeding, it might stop cancle it without notice. Freeze. If you start E-Calling, nothing will happen, if you not get recovered before the cast time ends. It is always important to know where the enemy E-Caller is. No one likes a surprised arrival of the enemy from the back. For everyone in that case: Even if you are a supportive role, ALWAYS be able to might cancle a enemies E-Call. The damage doesn't matter, as long as you hit the Caller. ========== Conclusion ========== WoE always has been the major event in every RO Server. However RevRO has been around for a long time, which makes it a bit harder for newer players to join. I hope that "little" guide might help some people to get a better picture of what even is going on in WoE. If there are any more questions or suggestions, feel free to ask them here in the comments. :d I might add more screenshots in the Castle section, how things look like, like Stones and Barricades. Didn't had the time yet to look for old screenshots.
  4. --------------------------------- VIP REWARDS ---------------------------------- One of the most frequently asked about VIP Dungeon is what are those VIP Rewards with number on it and how to use it, so I decided to make a simple guide. VIP DUNGEON: First and foremost, you need to be a VIP to gain access to these areas. VIP Subscription can be bought using credits, loot from certain events and from Donor box. Sample: VIP dungeon has 3 areas: VIP Dungeon 1 VIP Dungeon 2 VIP Dungeon 3 Note: Henry Morgan spawns here same goes for Morgan’s chest which will be needed to exchange your reward that will be discussed later. Where can I get those VIP Rewards? VIP Rewards are dropped by the following mob at the rate of 0.20%(card rate) Grace OMalley - vip reward 8 Peter Easton - vip reward 6 George Booth - vip reward 3 John Bowen - vip reward 4 Thomas Anstis - vip reward 7 Enrique Brower - vip reward 2 Alvilda - vip reward 1 Lawrence Prince - vip reward 5 Henry Morgan (MVP) - vip reward 9 Fun Fact: They were all named after real pirates VIP Reward 1 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Alvilda's Memento Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 2 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Destruction Wings Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 3 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Boo Balloon Box *from Super Mario Games :P* Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 4 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Zodiac Sword Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 5 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Shipwrecked Spirits Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 6 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Corrupted Holy Wings Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 7 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Sword of the Dark Sea Box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 8 Rental or Perma version of Costume:Black Milestone box Or Usable Trash Items VIP Reward 9 Rental or Perma version of Costume: Henry Morgan’s Curse Or Usable Trash Items Where can I exchange those VIP Rewards? Go to VIP Dungeon 3 (99 ,162) and you'll see a treasure box there. Please do note that it has a very low chance of getting a permanent costume. Good luck and Enjoy playing! IGN: SugarFree, nom nom nom, McFlurry Special Thanks to my partner for making this guide possible:) Happy gaming!!
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SugarFree’s Guide to Hermes Holiday ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: SugarFree , McFlurry, BipolarBear, Snapple Hermes Holiday is one of the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 ---------------------- Requirements: ---------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member ----------------- Mechanics: ----------------- Your main task is to deliver the letters within 15 minutes limit. You will start with 15 letters needed to be delivered to specific mailboxes. There are a total of 22 mailboxes. Each mailbox has one letter that needs to be taken and delivered to another mailbox. Note: Every wrong Address will increase the counter of letters needed to be delivered, so pay attention!!! -------------- Location: -------------- The map is a mirror of Gonryun Field 01(gon_fild01) There are a total of 7 areas: Temple Road 2 Mailboxes Rural Bend 3 Mailboxes Main Street 5 Mailboxes Safari Lane 2 Mailboxes Coal Mine only 1 Mailbox Windmill way only 1 Mailbox Port Bluff 8 MailBoxes --------------------------------- Equipment and Stats: --------------------------------- Upper & Mid : Queen's Bell - Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep, Stun Armor : Any Armor with Evil Druid Card - Immunity to Freeze & Stone Cursed / or Any Unfrozen card Cursed can be countered by Blessing Skill DEX: total 150 for instant cast AGI: until ASPD 196 for maxed attack speed INT: for Maxed SP STR :for weight capacity to carry Berries or Blue pots The main reason why I recommend using a Champion class because of the skill Body Relocation, With Immunity-to-status gears,means you can navigate the whole maps with ease and faster. Basically, just spam Body Relocate and past all the traps and plants. PROTIP: Don't pick up the letters from the mailboxes if the address is too far, you have an option to refuse. Make sure to check the addresses of other mailboxes like Port Bluff which has 8 mailboxes, chances are the address would be on the same location. If for some reason you deliver the last letter at the same time with a party member and the counter says you need to deliver -1 more, just deliver a letter to the wrong address and the counter will go back to zero and you complete the instance. Speed is the key, the longer you are in the instance the more traps will spawn! -------------- Rewards: -------------- "You successfully completed the operation" head back to the starting point and check the Treasure Chest Plant-Type Cards (Scorpion, Hermit Plant, etc.) Moonlight Flower Card Heartwood Corvo Hermes Sandals Black Messenger Bag Blue Messenger Bag Cyan Messenger Bag Gold Messenger Bag Green Messenger Bag Purple Messenger Bag Red Messenger Bag White Messenger Bag Constructive criticism and feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!
  6. Easter Event 2018 & Goodie Bag Contents: Well, a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, So we do have an event today which is gonna last for 3weeks(21days) and this event doesn't look much complicated as the valentines day event its a very simple and short event everyone has a fair chance of getting Goodie Bag just staying AFK in the MVP map unlike Tomson(No not me but the NPC)who just eats away all those ingredients that you put effort on farming but only drawback here is I have noticed other than giving headgears,Costumes they also give other kinds of stuff like HoA consumables, Crafting Items and other trolls,Just save enough so you can spam and not complain later. 1)Easter Bunny can be found at Geffen town 185 125, Get the quest from him. 2)Easter egg can be found in the fields,Dungeons of Midgard only ( Mora,Eclage,Amastu,Dewata,Moscovia,Brasilis,Malaya,Ayothaya,Gonryun,Louyang,bifrost,Splendide,Manuk Fields are excluded)Don't waste your time to search in those Fields and Dungeons. Note:Wear Costume: Easter Basket or else you won't be able to pick up the egg. 3)By doubling clicking on the easter egg that you have found you will know either it's a good egg or a bad egg good ones give Easter goodie bag while the bad ones give cracked egg pieces. or 4)Don't worry if you got any cracked ones save them for later you can trade 5 of those to easter bunny in turn of an Easter Goodie Bag. 5)Besides, that as per the Server announcement an MVP spawns in random fields of the Midgard Continent, Either you kill it or not you still get an Easter goodie bag for staying in that field, And the person who kills the MVP gets Easter Goodie Bag and some cracked egg pieces and a random amount of Easter Eggs are spawned in the corresponding field. Safety Measure: Always be conscious if the MVP spawns twice in an hour or the next always think its a trap set by GMs and something fishy is going on.(Well they are too nice to give you bacons later) This crossbreed between Bunny & Rat with a huge lollipop looks like someone's mom who is waiting for his son to turn up home so she can spank him,He isn't a bad guy though well am i right? Note:The MVP spawns in every 2hours. What can I find in Easter Goodie Bag?Well here is a little information that I have gathered from players all around RevivalRo, Thanks for the Contribution of sprites I will list out the names at end of the topic give them a huge shout out later. Easter Goodie Bag Contents: 1)Costume:Bunny Top Hat(Black) 2)Honorary Bunny Mouth 3)Gold Snapback Cap 4)Bunny Hoodie(Black) 5)Bunny Hoodie(White) 6)Bunny Balloon Hat 7)Fluttering Butterflies 8)Fuzzy Bunny Scarf 9)Costume:Bunny Bonnet(2018) 10)Costume:Easter Egg Balloon I know there are a lot more kinds of stuff out there that are missing in this guide, I haven't even seen a single middle gear,Well if you guys find other kinds of stuff just let me know i will add it in here,Also check out Cash shop for cool donates that you might not wanna miss. Ok, let us move to the contributors of the sprites it is really impossible without them. Sprite Contributors: 1)Shan(Bunny Top Hat(Black)) 2)Kiiro(Honorary Bunny Mouth) 3)Bananaketchup(I know the Lyrics go like this No ketchup just sauce raw sauce but its different in this situation)(Gold Snapback Cap) 4)Some Random cool guy(I forgot his name but let's remember him like that cause he is cool)(Bunny Hoodie(Black)) 5)Connor(Not Condor its Connor as in Connor)(Bunny Hoodie(White)) 6)Akamine(Bunny Balloon Hat, Fluttering Butterflies) 7)Gcq(Fuzzy Bunny Scarf)(Costume: Bunny Bonnet(2018) 8)Polecat(Costume: Easter Egg Balloon) For the above ones, Thank you for helping me to complete this Guide. Happy Easter Everyone, Thank you.
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