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3rd Quarter Sales 2023 New Item

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Dear Players,


As part of our OctoberFest Sale event, we have prepared some new items for you. Enjoy!


=== Below are the Brand New Items ===



Mahala's Sparkle [4] - For Gypsy Only

  • Additional 20 All Stats
  • After Cast Delay -5%
  • Additional 10% Resistance Against Physical Attacks
  • Reduce 5% Elemental Resistance Against 4 Base Elements
  • Forget Me Not Skill Level +1
    • When use with Night Sparrow Hat (ID18795) - From Touhou Box
      • Charming Wink skill affects the player next to the target.



Rorogo [4]

  • Demi Resistance +7%
  • Movement Speed +15%
  • All Stats +20
  • Resistance to Melee Physical Damage +5%
  • Resistance to Range Damage +1% per Cell (max of 11 Cells)
  • When Receiving Damage, Small Chance to Add Movement Speed +5%



Amidamaru Spirit [1]

  • All Stats +10
  • Small Chance to Acquire the Following Buffs Randomly when Attacking :
    • Physical / Magical Damage +10%
    • All Stats +12
    • Restore 25% HP Immediately
    • Movement Speed +10%
  • Note : Buffs above will last for only 3 seconds.


Kindly be reminded of our Expanded Return Policy linked below:





RevivalRO GM Team

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