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6th Year Anniversary Events: Arrival of Ragnarok and Save the Queen Re-runs! New Items!


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Your assistance is needed once again to help free our Queen and the members of the expedition, also this needs to be kept as confidential information since it can cause chaos inside the Royal Palace.

Do you still have what it takes to fight the forces of evil? If so, join us in defeating it.

To join the rescue searches you will find Knight Kiyom at (prontera 159 320), don't try to join on your own, this search mission is designed for strong parties only!

Treasure Chest Loots: 
Jirant Circlet
Jirant Circlet Red
Jirant Circlet Purple
Vanna's Dress
The Spell Manteau
Demon's Eyes

The time has come once again for Ragnarok's Arrival and who knows if this is truly the last of him You'll be able to begin this quest by talking to Elyuminatea (Located at prt_cas 350 81) who will require you to finish Save the Queen Instance and be a level of 255 to begin the ordeal. You will need to be in a party of 3 (minimum) too so don't enter the catacombs alone! You can have as many people as your party can handle! Additionally, you will need the Key of Gaiety, Deception, Illusion, and the King's Chamber to proceed. Fret not about your storage usage, Elyuminatea will be there to aid you with that! But it is limited so pack your items wisely.


Illusion Ring

Illusion Skull Ring
Phantom Egg

Token of King

Midnight Blue

Mini Iluminatea

Blue Eremes Scarf

Enchantments are also Back!

To get started, you need to complete Ragnarok's Arrival at least once and talk to Elyuminatea once more. You will be able to enchant and reset your enchantments as well.

Here's how it works: Talk to Elyuminatea with the option of enchanting one of your equipment with money and tokens in your inventory. Then pay the price per refine (1 mil per refine) otherwise you will lose all refines!!!!! Next is the token pricing which will go like this: 3 Tokens for the 3rd slot, 4 Tokens for the 4th slot, and 5 Tokens to reset the slots.


As an example, if you wanted to enchant the 3rd and 4th Slot of your +10 Vanna's Dress, you would need to pay 3+4 tokens, respectively, so 7 tokens in total to enchant the Dress and pay 10 million Zeny to keep the refines.




  image.png.5bfdb592a27719bc03c5fc3ecca5663a.png   image.png.d3c3b807cc2245ca5571fdb6757517b2.png

ItemID: 92683
Name: Valkyrie Blessing
Location: Upper
Slots: 0

Attack + 120
Grants use of lv3 NPC Telekeinesis Attack
5% chance to recover 8% of the damage you do as HP when attacking,
only works for physical classes.
Damage to all race increase 15 + (refine x2)%
Chance to obtain Panacea from Angel race monsters.
Small chance to obtain Stone of Sage from boss monsters.
If Refine 7:
Raises the life steal effect to 7% chance to recover 12% of damage dealt as HP when attacking.
If Refine 9:
ATK +8%. Curse and Silence Immune
If Refine 10:

Additional ATK + 8%

image.png.e847aab6a4c611df3c0d9d3c7260d80b.png  image.png.f619e8e1d6047092b7159b1bfcf5483d.png

ItemID: 92684
Name: Soft Petal Wings
Location: Middle
Slots: 1

All stat +10
Increase movement by 10%
If STR > INT Increase Physical Atk by 10%
If INT > STR Increase Magical Atk by 10%
If STR, INT and DEX are equal, Increase long-range Atk by 10%
Max HP & SP +5%
Chance to double your own damage for 3 Second while attacking
Increase ATK & MATK base on your (Donor Lv. = %)

poringf.png.b7d7d6fb27faec91149349e7aeaa0a88.png  poringback.png.1a02ca23f282b32689dd42d63468f271.png

ItemID: 92685
Name: Poring Muffler
Location: Lower
Slots: 0

Increase DMG to Boss by 5%
Increase ATK & MATK by 5%
All stat +7
Enable use Lv. 2 Warp

pia1.png.51128111247912aaef7a43ab3fb3dc40.png  pia2.png.56b868875bc0328b3ebf0212ff1afa67.png

ItemID: 192686
Name: Costume: Piamette Roll Hair
Location: Lower

gala1.png.87b76686bad79ca9d6c382b7aab26699.png  gala2.png.c4eb05b6792e49811889b7ec5f6cc255.png

ItemID: 192687
Name: Costume: Purple Galaxy Wings
Location: Middle

Both events will end on February 29, 2024, 11:59pm Server Time.

Have fun!

-RevivalRO GM Team



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