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(ON-GOING) Leveling Your Character [Guide]

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[GUIDE: Leveling Your Characters]


When you create your character, you will be first warped in @go 15 (Training Grounds). Talk to Newbie Items NPC and she will give you the newbie package. Equip them all and open the boxes that you receive. You must get a set of items that could help you level: (Novice Angra Manyu, Garment, Clip, Ring, Armour, and the other box will have a Thick Battle Manual) I suggest that you must not use Thick Battle Manual until you rebirth.

  • Go to Anthell Dungeon 01/Payon Dungeon 01, or if you have guts, Les Forest (Moscovia Dungeon 01). Just get your job level up to 10, then change your job.


[Swordsman Path]

[Acolyte Path]

[Archer Path]

[Thief Path]

[Mage Path]

[Soul Gladiator]

[Soul Linker]



[Super Novice]




Hi guys. This thread is still under construction. I really have no plans to make this but I want the forums to have this one in case of new players coming. This thread is only a “summarized” or a simple guide for new players. This is not very detailed so I decided to take all subjects in one thread. I would be happy to link your guide here if you ever posted a detailed leveling guide for a specific job.

This thread will include:

- leveling options (ragnarok-ish way/do it your way)

- link (in the future) to job builds (PvM, PvP, etc.)


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On-going Thread
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19 hours ago, Thunderbunny said:

I would suggest breaking it up into the individual classes.  One Guide is a horrific undertaking both to write and to read.

Thank you for suggesting! I will make a new thread very soon when I have time!


(still hopes that someone could make it lolololol just posting this here for the sake of new players ;_;)

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5 hours ago, Rayzhel said:

I think Newbie Items are bug in mobile version. I cant redeem the items. 

@Syphon Maybe he can fix that one. Just wait for him since he has a lot of stuff fixing at the moment 😅

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