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  1. Could you also add discount to NPCs like Hat Roulette, Costumer, etc. and I also want the list to have Balloon Hat 2015 + some event points items (that can be spent with premium points) such as Hyuke’s Black Cat Ears (moving?) and Black Glasses. I would also love it if you GMs could make your own unique item that can be limited to RevivalRO (2018)
  2. Hi! For more information about Farming Zeny in RevivalRO, you may visit this thread made by an EX-GM. This will really help a lot! Have fun
  3. @Syphon Maybe he can fix that one. Just wait for him since he has a lot of stuff fixing at the moment 😅
  4. Thank you for suggesting! I will make a new thread very soon when I have time! (still hopes that someone could make it lolololol just posting this here for the sake of new players ;_;)
  5. [GUIDE: Leveling Your Characters] [Novice] When you create your character, you will be first warped in @go 15 (Training Grounds). Talk to Newbie Items NPC and she will give you the newbie package. Equip them all and open the boxes that you receive. You must get a set of items that could help you level: (Novice Angra Manyu, Garment, Clip, Ring, Armour, and the other box will have a Thick Battle Manual) I suggest that you must not use Thick Battle Manual until you rebirth. Go to Anthell Dungeon 01/Payon Dungeon 01, or if you have guts, Les Forest (Moscovia Dungeon 01). Just get your job level up to 10, then change your job. [Swordsman Path] [Acolyte Path] [Archer Path] [Thief Path] [Mage Path] [Soul Gladiator] [Soul Linker] [Ninja] [Gunslinger] [Super Novice] Hi guys. This thread is still under construction. I really have no plans to make this but I want the forums to have this one in case of new players coming. This thread is only a “summarized” or a simple guide for new players. This is not very detailed so I decided to take all subjects in one thread. I would be happy to link your guide here if you ever posted a detailed leveling guide for a specific job. This thread will include: - leveling options (ragnarok-ish way/do it your way) - link (in the future) to job builds (PvM, PvP, etc.)
  6. Server is finally up! [Travel #2: Hello, I'm Moon the Assassin Cross] What a nice opening, I guess or should I call it... a competitive opening *o* Errrr... it was around 3:58 in Central Time, and there are 2 minutes left until the server officially opens. The discord were flooded by names, and that's where the war started... THE WAR OF NAMES!! Geez, it was really a tough war. Everybody was going for names like Winter, Snow, Star, Venus (heeeey special mention to my EX-GM friend ♥) and luckily, I grabbed a special name... Moon. And she's an Assassin Cross. Oh well. So there, my first ever screenshot of RevivalRO, where everything started from zero. I heard there were a lot of changes, but I don't really feel it that much yet. This month is also the best month to all your characters because there will be a 4x more exp bonus! For more informations about the server hype, it's here~ And for more informations about modifications/changes made in the server, click here! I really wanted to level up but I felt lazy so I ended having a lvl 92 Assassin Cross. But I guess there's a lot more days to level up~ There's no guides yet so I guess let's wait until someone makes a "How-to-level Guide" right? So that's all for the first day of RevivalRO. I am feeling tired and I need to go to sleep, so see you on my next travel post~ Love you all! Ciao. IGN: Ayuanti Discord: Ayuanti
  7. Welcome to my blog! Are you ready for a new journey ahead? If not, download RevivalRO and start your new journey! This is my first travel in RevivalRO, or in simpler terms, my first blog entry. ... I'm not a writer though... so bear with me So, I'm an old player and I played around 2011. Sadly, I forgot everything--my precious memories and my account But I have returned to RebirthRO and found out something horrible For the old players, as all of you know, someone from the management stole RebirthRO And that was a big surprise to me because I didn't know that those things actually happen For those who haven't read the news yet, read the story here created by Syphon himself. So yeah, like what I said, I returned to RebirthRO "RevivalRO" and test servers are the only server they have as of the moment. It was a great experience to feel sort of like a GM /heh there were a lot of custom NPCs and you can buy 100-credit points with 1 zeny each @_@ but sadly, it was only a test server... But hey! One more day and the server will be officially up! Yay~ I guess I didn't have much to say since I didn't play much yet. Oh--I didn't introduce this blog yet Basically, I made this blog for fun. I share my experience (completing quests, joining GM's events, leveling up, etc), communicate with y'all, and tada! Make friends with you~ I know there is a Guide forum, but I will also include guides in this blog by linking them to the thread that I/someone posted in the Guide forum. So, please take note that there will always be something that I do not own in this blog (just like the photo that I have here) Oh, that photo is our new server's photo! Are you guys excited? Bring it on! Let's meet in game! Let's also talk in Discord! ^ ^~ Discord: Ayuanti IGN: Ayuanti One more thing--! Do you have any suggestions for the game? Drop your suggestions in this thread! Are you looking for guides, announcements, server update informations, or many more about RebirthRO? Visit their forum and wikipedia! Nice seeing you here!~
  8. My suggestion is to have wars like Best Champion, Best High Priest, etc. to boost the challenging spirit of RO players (if that doesn’t still exist though…) I also like to have an NPC that can help people to be rich, sort of like an Event NPC such as disguise NPC, that can be held for like a certain time once every day (prize depends on you, for example credit points or maybe a 100m zeny bag or... it really depends) Also, please return the official costume of GMs. They give the feeling of superiority and they are also cute o3o p.s. photo not mine
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