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How to NPC:Report!

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Hello everyone!

Suspect someone of botting? Has someone in Cata been standing in the same spot for 30 minutes? Someone being mean to you? An erorr has occurred?! I know we all want to keep the server safe and functional but sometimes we don't know how to report rule-breaking. Here is a helpful guide for how and when to use NPC:Report!

*Please note that NPC:Report is the best way to report rule-breaking to the Staff. Shouting in #main or Discord is not as efficient!*

How Do I NPC:Report?

If you see something suspicious, simply PM NPC:Report and describe what is happening. You will need to include the offending player and a brief description of what you think they are doing.

For example:


This would be a perfect report! It lets the staff know exactly who is being suspicious and what it is they need to be looking for. If you can't catch a name, you can skip down to a more generic report such as:


While it would be helpful to have an exact name, giving us the map will also suffice (if you're unsure, use /where).

A BAD Report would look something like this:


We simply don't have enough information with this sort of report. What do you need help with? Is it more appropriate to sign up for Helpdesk? Do you need to contact Support? Again, NPC:Report is mainly for reporting rule-breaking! If you require assistance, please sign up for Helpdesk, not NPC:Report!

When Should/Shouldn't I Use NPC:Report?

Please use NPC:Report when you find something suspicious in-game. This could include people you suspect of AFK Leveling, AFK Farming, botting, or just overall odd behavior. Before you file a report, please try talking to the player and seeing what their response is. If they say something odd back to you, try to avoid you, or straight up don't reply, then you should consider using NPC:Report. Take screenshots of your interactions as well - extra evidence is always welcome.

Generally, we don't like to rely on NPC:Report for more complicated matters. Mainly, NPC:Report is for reporting rule-breaking! If you have a more difficult issue such as lost items, errors, or log-in problems, please sign up to Helpdesk and we will try to sort you out accordingly!

Nothing Happened When I NPC:Report!

If nothing happens after 5 minutes of your report, please take screenshots or record the events happening. The GMs are not always around when rules are being broken but we are trying our best! In the event that your NPC:Report seems unattended to, please send the evidence to Support!

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