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  1. Order Up: Pancakes!

    Hello adventurers! We are proud to announce the Pancakes System into Loki to replace the outdated Bacon System. The Pancakes System originated from our dearly departed ex-administrator, Alkaline but we have adjusted it to Loki's unique nature and added a few new components. Your Bacon-related items can be converted into the corresponding Pancakes items through the Pancake Exchanger in Prontera at (186, 213) or at Eden Group's Kitchen @go 39 (183,46) First up, what are Pancakes? The Pancakes system offers a variety of different uses for players. Once you've collected Pancakes you can exchange the points with Pancaline (where the Bacon Eater used to be) and try your luck at getting some rare items! The items available can be used to help you level up, farm, or for crafting some Pancake-exclusive balloons! If you get certain items (Baby/Novice/Third Job Packets or Rainbow Acid) Pancaline will also take them back and give you some more Pancakes for them. Some Pancake-specific items that you may obtain through Pancaline include: Pancaline's Special Stack (a stack of 100 Pancakes) Caviar Pancake Jam Pancake Honey Pancake Sour-Cream Pancake Mushroom Pancake Syrup Pancake Card Pancaring Egg Box Other notable items available from Pancaline include: Infinite Fly Wing Infinite Magnifier Mystical Card Album VIP Subscription (30 days) Event Point Coin Bloody Card Album And there are lots of items in-between to help players with leveling, farming, and refining. Where can I get Pancakes? You can obtain Pancakes through a few methods: Monster of the Day, Heroic Shop, GM events, Pancarings, or by farming with a Pancake Card! Monster of the Day is a daily monster hunt available for any player to complete. When you finish MOTD, you will receive 3 Pancakes, 1-3 Heroic Points, and 20 CEDI points. You must accept the MOTD mission from the signboard in Prontera and Eden or by PMing NPC:Monster of the Day. Pancakes are also available through the Heroic Shop along with some exclusive items. The shop is located in Prontera as well at 147, 175. The items in Heroic Shop include helpful gears, high-demand items, and the Breakfast Set for Pancaline's balloons. Additionally, the Heroic Shop is the only way you can purchase the Day and Night Rings which will double the prizes you get from completing MOTD*. *Please note that you must be wearing the Day Ring or the Night Ring when you are completing MOTD in order for the effect work. Pancarings are these cute little dudes jumping around (and replacing Wild Roses) in various towns: Pancarings have a chance to drop Pancakes, Pancaline's Special Stack, and Pancake cards! Pancaline's Balloons In addition to exchanging your Pancakes for various items, Pancaline also knows how to craft some Pancakes-exclusive balloon costumes if you bring some specific items to him. Below are the preliminary balloon costumes that you can craft with Pancaline and their corresponding ingredients: Deviruchi Balloon Ingredients: 1 Breakfast Set 5 X Jam Pancakes 20 Syrups 25 million zeny Lunatic Balloon Ingredients: 1 Breakfast Set 5 X Caviar Pancakes 20 Syrups 25 million zeny Marina Balloon Ingredients: 1 Breakfast Set 5 X Mushroom Pancakes 20 Syrups 25 million zeny Savage Babe Balloon Ingredients: 1 Breakfast Set 5 X Honey Pancakes 20 Syrups 25 million zeny Teddy Bear Balloon Ingredients: 1 Breakfast Set 5 X Sour-Cream Pancakes 20 Syrups 25 million zeny
  2. Server closed

    Hello, The server is currently having maintenance. It should be up in approximately 30 minutes. We will make an announcement on our Discord channel and on forums when it is completed.
  3. [Hot Patch] 2018-04-10

    In addition to the fixes mentioned above, you may notice that some Bacon-related items have been changed. For now, these are just visual changes in anticipation of a future update and you do not have to do anything on your end .
  4. Battlegrounds

    Hello, Thank you for this suggestion! We are currently discussing adding a sort of Battlegrounds Happy Hour to encourage more participation where badges will double up from time to time. If anyone else has some ideas, please feel free to share them.
  5. Icicle Wings Guide

    Did both counters finish? If so (and the wings haven't changed yet), please sign up to Helpdesk in-game and we will try to work things out there.
  6. Icicle Wings Guide

    Hello BountyHunter, The quest does not require you to wear the Ice Wings while completing the kills. There should also be a counter in-game that tells you how far you've progressed in the Monster Hunt.
  7. Easter Event 2018

    Hello everyone~ Since the Easter Event is underway, I thought I would give you guys a heads-up on what new treats are inside your Easter Goodie Bags: Bunny Balloon Hat - " A cute bunny hat for those breezy spring afternoons. " Upper Headgear Effects: All Stats increase by (Base Stat/10), Increase ATK/MATK by 10%, DEF +3, 2 slots Bunny Hoodie (Black/White) - " A cute and cozy hood used by Easter Bunny Mascots. Great for hosting Easter Events. " Upper Headgear Effects: Immunity to Stone Curse, 1 slot Gold Snapback Cap - " The Cooler Kid's Cap. " Upper Headgear Effects: +50% Damage to Neutral, Holy, and Poison monsters, +20% Damage when using Neutral, Holy, and Poison properties, Gain 10,000HP each time an enemy is killed with physical attacks Fluttering Butterflies - " A group of fluttering butterflies. " Mid Headgear Effects: +10 All Stats, +10% Movespeed, 1 slot Fuzzy Bunny Scarf - " Perfect for those cold spring nights. " Lower Headgear Effects: +5% Resistance to All Elements, DEF +3 Honorary Bunny Mouth - " Now you can fit in with the rest of the bunnies! " Lower Headgear Effects: Immunity to Silence and Blind, +10% Water Resistance Bunny Bonnet (2018) - " This bonnet has been stylized with bunny ears! How kawaii~! " Upper Costume Bunny Top Hat (Black) - " An energetic bunny hat perfect for magic shows. " Upper Costume Easter Egg Balloon - " Given directly by the Easter Bunny, to show his love and affection for the holiday. " Lower Costume

    Hello, Premium Items have been moved from the Premium Item Redemption NPC to the Cash Shop which can be found in the top right-hand corner of your client, near the mini-map.
  9. Donor level

    This issue is being addressed through Support so I will be closing the topic.
  10. If you go upstairs from where Gramps is in Eden Group, you can find a Vending Machine and Gumball Machine which both use Pieces of Paradise.
  11. Hello Audiorift, Welcome back! I'm not sure which map you are talking about, but I can recommend the new Gramps system that we've introduced which should help out with leveling . Hopefully some other players can help you find the map you're looking for too.
  12. [Emergency Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-21

    Hi jaalsboen, Could you please PM me a screenshot of your patcher? Thank you!
  13. Greetings everyone, In this emergency maintenance we have addressed the following: Fixes A bug related to alt-third-job clothes crashing players has now been resolved Kind regards, RevivalRO Management
  14. [Tentatively Approved] Mail Weight Increase

    Hello! I'm glad to report that for the time-being, we will look into increasing the weight restriction on mail. However, due to the volume of other work that needs to be completed for the server, this suggestion may not be implemented until further notice. Thanks as always for your ideas!
  15. Tendrilion Card

    Hi RapBeh, The card may have been customized on Loki due to +10 being the highest obtainable refine but the description might not have been updated. Thank you for reporting this to us!