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  1. Lewis

    Blood Diamond

    Thanks for all the work & time you've put in, and never failing to help explain things that weren't so clear whenever I asked. Wish you all the best Gem!
  2. So that's what it was. Really appreciate the quick fix!
  3. @gcq Probably cause your pots are too good. Idk what you put in them.
  4. Actually didn't notice this. Thanks for the awareness. Would love to know the answer to this as well. +1 to this.
  5. I agree, I do think that reducing the castles from 8-4 would create a better competition. Quality over Quantity in a sense.
  6. I can already sense a wave of people getting ready to come back or move here from "somewhere". Thank you for the endless work ya'll put in.
  7. I do think that could be a concern. I'd still donate though, since it's something that'd actually help the server stay on. Despite knowing about the compensation thing, I still donate.
  8. I know you're searching for an alternative to Credit Cards but Prepaid Debit Cards are quite disposable/easier to acquire, unlike Credit Cards you don't need to sign any papers with a bank and they're usually found in groceries / 7-11's /electronic stores by the cards section. I'm not entirely sure where you'll find them in the Philippines, however I did a quick search about it and it seems that they are available for purchase, maybe you could drop by a 7-11 or something and check?
  9. Lewis


    There aren't any Premium Cards on the Cash Shop anymore. They're all available through the MVP Arenas. Plus, it's cheaper to get Bapho Card in game instead of paying the credits for them in the cash shop. Here's a list of the new Bosses in the Arena https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/MVP_Arena
  10. Lewis


    Hmm, if that's the case then most likely not. But as the market is right now, it'll be easier to get some C's if you farm.
  11. Lewis


    Syphon sent an email that there will be another wave for Donor Compensation this month. So if you've donated before, your donor level should still be the same and you'll get compensated with Credits depending on your donor level. Make sure not to miss that one
  12. Lewis


    Hi Mantis, Welcome (back)! You came just at the right time. Ahahaha.
  13. Sadly, the problem with the current WoE time is that it stagnates growth and opportunity for people from different timezones to join in, which would result to almost no competition. Which is why it'd be great to have WoE times that cater to all three continents to give everyone an equal footing regarding availability. If the EU and NA people left because of it, that would be bad for the server.
  14. I can already feel a lot of support coming our way. Ahahaha. Here's to everyone doing their best.
  15. Idk why, but that game me an impression that you're a Rare pokemon GM... Anywayyyy
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