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  1. mylord

    Au Revoir

  2. mylord

    Blood Diamond

    You will be missed
  3. mylord

    [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-24

  4. mylord

    WoE Times and you

    Bring back the old woe schedule that was better to everyone
  5. mylord

    Amrod crashing in!

    welcome and enjoy Hwan-yeong
  6. mylord

    Donor Compensation for Late comers

    yea i am also waiting for this i hope its soon @Syphon @KittyBoy keep up the good work we will support this new server Gomabseubnida
  7. mylord

    Suggestion Thread

    please bring back the Premium Cards
  8. mylord

    Donor Compensation for Late comers

    Notes A new donor compensation plan for those whom missed the main one will be announced, and it's going to be permanent event. We're currently slow in updates due to a new systems that are being written which is taking first priority for our developers, stay tuned! as Admin Kitty
  9. mylord


    did you try it already>?
  10. mylord

    Zotar Madness Corp

    i guess because when Asteria put it in prontera she/he asking where they will put thankyou for replying
  11. mylord

    Zotar Madness Corp

    where is the Zotar Corp NPC now? i didn't see it in prontera
  12. mylord

    The Official Memes Thread™

  13. mylord


    try to use pay-pal its virtual credit card that you can put money there using 7/11 how ever i didn't try it yet but i will try i tomorrow i will keep you update about the pay-pay if its working perfect
  14. mylord

    [Maintenance Notes] 2018-03-09

    same here Lewis
  15. mylord


    thankyou and more power