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  1. Farewell to all ~Ice

    that was short lived. good luck irl. byes
  2. Buying Gears/Cards/OCA

    hi. I'll buy all your OCAS. and I'll check on with the wife about the bow. Deal me at prontera ign is Shookt~
  3. Buying Gears/Cards/OCA

    which double / triple order?! D:
  4. Buying Gears/Cards/OCA

    u wanna sell me stuffs?
  5. Forum questions

    I am also waiting for this feature. Gotta miss my siggies.
  6. Buying Gears/Cards/OCA

    I am looking for the following items: +10 Spectral Bow ( name your price so we can negotiate ) +10 Elunium Set +16 Def Keris 6pcs turtle general card 4pcs Dark Illussion card Orleann's Gloves 4 pcs Fable Threads 3pcs Thief Crossbow 2pcs Goblin Bow 3pcs Golden Wing Quest Mats (complete, looking for a farmer) Amistr Hat Quest Mats (complete, looking for a farmer)
  7. Salt And Pepper

    our soon event! r u guyz hyped?!?!
  8. [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    Thank you for the list and its prices.
  9. Salt And Pepper

    we are recruitinggggggggggggggg~ bunch of weirdos in a good way~
  10. Black Friday Sale List

    These please. Specially that dyna third.
  11. Salt And Pepper