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  1. [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    30 day rental....? how do I buy the permanent ones?
  2. Any KPOP fans here?

    Playin with fire cuz the Video is goooood af.
  3. Black Friday Sale List

    ^ aren't Lion and other pets still being sold in go 16?....
  4. Any KPOP fans here?

  5. Black Friday Sale List

    It is already in the cash shop
  6. Crazy Giveaway Event

    1 . Once per Day , so if you've won once you aren't eligible until the next day . 2. Some Events that were specifically mentioned there would be 5 winners , yes they have been rewarded. But some are only 1 winner per round . 3. Kitty tends to give them after all the rounds/Events are done . LArc gives it after every round , so its basically their call. And they'll tell u to pm them or they'll pm and ask u themselves.
  7. Suggestion Thread

    I want it back cuz it was fun :v , Already had the Penguin pet anyways
  8. Game won't start

    Join discord https://discord.gg/z5Jf5JF and the GM/Admins will try and help u
  9. Chicken

    But but but Super Novice so low HP tho
  10. Chicken

    Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , I'm Hyu , I'm new to this server please suggest me best chars to make to farm stuff . Thanks in advance for suggesting
  11. Forum

    Atm no , but I'm sure they will add themes and stuff soon ....