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  1. brotheroon


    well cant say i completely disagree, but i believe leap is should be disabled in dungeon maps where teleportation is disabled. Leap is basically mini teleportation imho
  2. Now the compensation has been delivered. How do you think? Satisfied or ? Well i would say "wkwwkwkwkwkw"
  3. you should be more critical by asking further as why they made such decision. Perhaps you have high luck not to be ignored
  4. Abuse ? now thats i call BS reason. If it was because refunded lpp could be abused they could have easily stopped temporarily and fix the bug whatsoever like what normal staffs would do. instead they went on for some time until black friday or something, which also could have been delayed due to "abusable" lpp. I am putting " " there because the detail was never been publicly announced so whether it was true or not? Who knows. Imho the whole point to give expiration date to refunded lpp is to prevent high donor to save their lpp . Imagine lvl 10 donor would have 2000 creds. With this you wont have to donate for long time. Omg syphon will get no income! Correct me if I am wrong . I just cant accept the term abusable bug is used as an excuse.
  5. A lot of people have asked this issue and got ignored completely. Not only LPP expiration date, unfortunately some of decisions made have been questionable and yet got ignored indicating they do not really care what community thinks/wants in some aspects? Nothing can be done about this at this moment due to lack of critical players as there were used to be. Perhaps some 1 star reviews in ratemyserver or any other website could change their way of thinking? Who knows.
  6. Or how about you learn to read other QUESTION? Sorry if you are one of NEET people who can't distinguish between Question and Complain
  7. It may be necessary to add screenshot for better solution
  8. bump. in this server you have to even bump a post in announcement thread to get an answer.
  9. Thank you for the hard work. Are ahura and biolabs basement 1 also fixed? Is there any particular reason for this? Slave monsters in MVP Arena may not drop loot anymore .
  10. yeah this server is only 1 month old and yet some decisions have been questionable. 1. crazy giveaway --->dont worry i got +10 spec so less biased 2. expiration date of LPP --> ?? why ??. not thinking about future returning player? 3. putting major MVPs in mvp room ---> thanks now BB is useless 4. BCA --> what BCA? 5. This
  11. Ok, GM you got me because this is only usual sale. Seriously, when is the actual Black Friday Sale or Black Friday-like Sale? Price up on some items? Please double check before post
  12. I want these items to be available separately https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Skill_Lucky_Box I understand that this box was intended so player could get headgear regardless its sprite or effect for cheaper price. but for those who want specific effect or sprite this is completely gamble. i am not saying complete demolish of box just make the items inside sold separately like it was used to be
  13. How to buy donated cards like Valkyrie, Thanatos or other?
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