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RebirthRO is Returning!

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Greetings Everyone,
We would like to sadly announce the stealing of RebirthRO data and servers, our previous technical administrator along side with our GM's decided that it's Okay and Fair to Steal RebirthRO data, Delete backups and Corrupt existing data.
It's very sad how they act like the saviors of the server to make them action, as in theft sounds right, nothing can make the wrong right, and right can never be done through doing the wrong.

Ancyker was hired back almost two years ago as our technical administrator to take care of our servers technical maintenance, developing and hosting, along side with that a lot of changes in the GM team happened, some of them was hired as paid workers and others were a volunteers.
All of them known the work situation, known that there's other who's paid workers etc, and they've all agreed on work condition, and they were getting paid on time, although some delay was happening lately because payments were held by Ancyker and not Syphon.

We do not want to attack Ancyker or the rest of the staff who betrayed our trust, neither it's any of our interest to use personal matters and issues happening in other people life's as our cheap and disgusting attack as happened from Ancyker's side in his theft announcement at the Stolen-RebirthRO Forums. However.


1- A little Over two weeks ago of the date of this announcement *22nd of December 2017* Ancyker moved all servers and data and updated players clients to connect to the new servers without our knowledge as stated in his own theft announcement.

2- Two weeks after the previous action syphon found his accounts deleted on RebirthRO and asked Anckyer  through skype why he is banned, then ancyker told him that he stole the servers



3- Syphon shut-downed all servers and asked a new team of technicians to inspect the servers, we found many destructive actions done by ancyker which was logged, and we restored as much data as possible, some of the actions done by him.

Now we have a very final word
We're now working as a whole new team, reviving RebirthRO as a new server, with revolutionary management, better IT solutions to avoid tons of issues happened cause of the poor Technical Decisions which caused many lag and dc issues previously, with our main aim is to provide best enjoyment to players, more will be announced as soon as we're ready to.

We thank you for your interested and reading of this very long announcement!

Join us on discord for more information!

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