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Optimus Prime

[2020-09-21] Maintenance

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Hello Everyone,

During this maintenance, we have added bunch of new mechanisms:

Server Changes:


  • AFK Mechanism!
  • Archangel Recoloring!
  • Ninja Rebalancing!
  • GM Weddings!
  • Added some Status Icons for Potions/Scrolls.
  • MvP Room Mechanism.
  • Proxies
  • Player Event Rooms
  • Invasion Event
  • Limited Cash Shop Items


  • Primordial Shoes increase Atk by Refine% instead of Refine/2%.
  • Fixed a typo wherein Shipping Foreman used to inform player to visit Assassin guild, whereas it should have informed player to go to Rogue guild.
  • Paladin Card now increases HP as mentioned in description.
  • Kawaii Ribbon now properly shows sprite and description in game.
  • Rose Ring now recolors for costume as well.
  • Baby Sprites will no longer be able to enter Castles.
  • Fox Event no longer activates skill in prontera


  • New Foods (Advanced Cooking) are now having same effect as old. The Effects are:
    • Cannot be removed by Dispel/Clearance/Hermode/MADO/Death
  • MvP Room is now designated as nochatroom area.
  • Team Deadmatch should really be 30 points now.
  • Battleground AFK count resets when BG is played for 7 days without any afk.
  • Death by Dice: When dice is rolled, death by dice event will warp all players inside the event having 60 seconds of inactivity back to the save point [We recommend that you move when death by dice is about to roll the dice].

Ninja Class Balancing:

We changed several skills for Ninja to make it more useful, following are the changes:

  • Mist Slash:
    Damage Formula increased to (150 + SkillLv*25)% from (100 + SkillLv*25)%
  • Throw Huuma Shuriken:
    Damage no longer splits between targets.
    Cooldown increased to 1 second from none.
    Damage Formula revised to (250 + SkillLv*200)% from (150 + SkillLv*250)%
  • Throw Kunai:
    Deals 4 Hits per cast instead of 3 hits.
  • Throw Shuriken:
    Added Knockback effect.
  • Throw Mastery:
    Increases HIT by 5*SkillLevel


Other Skill Changes:

  • Ganbantein:
    • Skill Delay reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds
  • Mind Breaker:
    • 90 Seconds cooldown after skill is successful cast of skill.
    • Mind Breaker now does reduce MDEF as mentioned in the skill description

MvP Room Changes:

  • Each room will remain closed until the MvPs inside them are fed (aka bounty goals are reached).
  • Rooms will have different cooldown, duration and bounty in which they can be opened.
  • Alpha/Beta/Theta Rooms:
    Zeny Donation Required: 100 Million
    Duration: 7 days (After the bounty is reached, it will stay opened for 7 days)
    Cooldown: 0 days (After the duration is over, next bounty will accepted by npc instantly)


  • Epsilon/Delta/Sigma Rooms:
    Zeny Donation Required: 200 Million
    Duration: 7 days (After the bounty is reached, it will stay opened for 7 days)
    Cooldown: 7 days (After the duration is over, next bounty will be accepted after 7 days, and no one will be able to post bounty or enter during these 7 days)


  • Gamma/Omega Rooms:
    Zeny Donation Required: 300 Million
    Duration: 7 days (After the bounty is reached, it will stay opened for 7 days)
    Cooldown: 14 days (After the duration is over, next bounty will be accepted after 14 days, and no one will be able to post bounty/enter during these 14 days)


  • Above conditions, i.e bounty/duration/cooldown will not be affected by server restarts.

AFK Mechanism:

GM Wedding:

GM Art Event:

Archangel Wings:

World Without Balance Exchanger:


We have removed redundant proxies and added 2 new proxy servers, Current Proxy Server List:

  • Europe
  • Germany (allows the usage of local characters)
  • India

Player Event Rooms:

We have added a new feature called Player Event Room, This allows the user to rent out any map for events they held. Players(Event Host) can request GMs to clone any map and set starting point for other players to join.
These maps would not allow Alt Accounts and players can join using @pevent once activated.

Invasion Event:

Catto de Martino and it's kin has arrived in Midgard to ask for supplies for fellow doram to save their hometown from the attackers.

Those who provide 10000 Supplies to Catto de Martino will get "Costume: Fish Head Hat" when goal is reached.


That's all for now. ~ Happy Hunting and Happy Farming ~

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

RevivalRO Team

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