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Updates on Server Rules

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As we noticed that the enmity between some players escalates, we would like to implement new parameters/guidelines on how we will deal with any kind of toxicity. 

This decision is so we can prevent any breeding of animosity that might be triggered the few and for the betterment of overall ambiance in the community.


Parameters/Guidelines to be considered toxic and would be served with some punishments/sanctions:

  •  GRIEFING - when players start to disrupt and annoy other players. 
  •  DOXING & SWATTING - showing tactics to harass and annoy their victims. Gathering and publishing the private info of a player. 
  •  HATE SPEECH - such as racism, sexual discrimination (anti LGBT), anti Muslim/Christian and antisemitism, etc.
  •  THREATENING AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR - includes threats to the life of a certain player, describing violent or sexual acts, threats of physical torture or threatening to attack a player in real life.
  •  PROVOKING AND TAUNTING - when players intend to provoke someone in an insulting or contemptuous manner.


If the player/s are caught violating those guidelines mentioned above, they shall be punished accordingly:

  • First Offense: Warning (with mute depending on the situation)
  • Second Offense: Mute (with block on channel depending on situation)
  • Third Offense : Blocked from all channels until server restarts.
  • Fourth Offense : Blocked from all channels until server restarts plus Jail for 24 hours.
  • Fifth Offense : Account suspension


**This new update will be implemented in all platforms the server use.


Lets all have a peaceful one!


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