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St. Patrick's Event 2022 -Tremulous Procession

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Hello everyone, greetings!

For this year's St. Patrick Day event, we will be reintroducing St. Patrick's Event 2020 and a new St. Patrick's Tremulous Procession event for 2022!

For reference, you can learn how to do the St. Patrick's 2020 here: 


St. Patrick's 2022 Mechanics

  • There will be a wide server announcement about a parade in random towns every 42nd minute in an hour.
  • Players can enter the event map through cracks that are scattered all over the parade map.
  • Once you're inside the event map, you have to rescue as many citizens as you can within the time limit.
  • After the time is up, all players will be warped back to town and talk to Sir. Karl to claim your gold coins.
  • The NPC will stay for 20 minutes starting from the event start announcement.



There will be 2 types of citizens.

  1. Distressed Citizens
  • To rescue them you have to speak with these NPCs
  • But some of them are shapeshifter! So in order to get your coins, you need to kill it!


       2. Citizens with Special Circumstances

  • You need to click the NPCs and execute their request before you can get the coins.
  • After every rescue for these type of Citizens, you will need to talk to Spica (203, 182) before you can move on to another Citizen with Special Circumstances.
  • You are only able to rescue these unique citizens once per event. (They will spawn for other players but you are unable to interact with them)



  • @jump will not be allowed.
  • Angra and Ahura will not be allowed (including the novice angra).
  • Player needs to be Lv.255 in order to participate in this event.
  • Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seeds are disabled.
  • Premium gears / Max stat class are allowed.
  • If the player left the map, they can get back within 8 minutes.
  • All skills and items that affects movement speed will be disabled.


Tremulous Procession Event will only last for 7 days.

LUCK O' LEPRECHAUN will end on April 17.

Both these events contribute to getting Gold Coins where you can exchange for prizes with Gold Coin Collector available in Hugel (125/206).



New Event Items


Costume: Nydhog Rumour V2 - Tradeable



Costume: Leaf Umbrella - Tradeable



Forest Guide [1] [Upper] - Tradeable

  • DEF and MDEF +5.
  • Increase damage dealt by all Earth/Fire/Undead by 25%.
  • Increase damage against Earth/Fire/Undead elemental enemies by 50%.



Sweet Potato in Mouth [1] [Middle] - Tradeable

  • Resistance of Silence status +50%.
  • Increase elemental damage both Physical and Magical with Water/Wind/Ghost attacks by 10%.
  • Small chance to Silence enemy with normal and magic attacks.



Woodie Hat [1] [Upper] - Tradeable

  • All status +3.
  • Give additional level of Earth Spike skill by 1.
  • Increase MATK by (BaseLevel/25)%.
  • Give you immunity to Stone Curse status.


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