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Based on my gear shown, how can I maximize my Crit Damage

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I am looking for the highest critical hit values obtainable.  Outside of the Goblin or Spectral Bow, what should I be investing in right now to build the strongest critical Sniper set.  


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Depends. Are you going for max stat ticket? If so, wakwak on reset girl robes.

Here, this is my old build. With this build youll be able to do the most damg you can get for crit sniper. Let me know if any "new gear" might improve it. I could solo cedi, so i doubt you need more damg than this anyways.

Max stat ticket cedi sniper:

Name: Fennik

Hyzo/candycane/coolcap/amistr(im forgetting that one candycane hat name that was super OP)


V day blush/green bag/wing scarf/orange tie/RED TIE RED TIE

+10 luca's fire armor [+10 DEX] [Gloom]

+10 spectral bow [2TG/2AK] 

+10 GB[Ak/VR]

+9 Heroic Backpack [wakwak]

+9 Fay boots [OKC]

Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit]

Reco ring (+3 DEX/Random5)[ifrit]

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