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  1. I was more concerned as to how this would affect cedi itself. I mean, because of the monopoly, people won't want to run cedi anymore. But seeing this discussion I guess it's nothing to worry about. It should actually push players to run their own cedi. The concern with what you guys are suggesting is only the scripting. But if Kitty and the team decide that it's wise to do so, we can leave it to Kitty, he has no problem with writing scripts. Right? Nyan~ And yes! Cedi does need some revamping. Another suggestion, what do you guys think of making cedi items vendable? 🤔
  2. if you're going crit, i'd suggest flamel emul card for garmet
  3. Try the Costumer NPC in prontera. But that would cost you 10c to change a headgear into costume.
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