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Suggestion on spending the Points

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Hi there,

Would like to know what are the priority items that you would get with your PPs?

say.... if you have 5000 or 10000 points
what will you get FIRST?

I believe the following are must-get (correct me if i'm wrong)

Angra - 1000
Ahura (shield) - 1000
Wings Lucky Box - 750
30 stat Lucky Box (headgear) - 750
Lower Lucky Box (lower headgear) - 700

here comes to 4200 only, what else will you get?



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Don't get Wings Lucky Box or 30stats lucky box they aren't worth it, I recommend you to get a PvP lucky box of your choice for 800pp and middle lucky box, Lower balloon lucky box rest of your limited points if its permanent save it for sales and buy Angra and ahura both for 5c each.

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