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Revival APP Updated!

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Hi Revival Friends
We have updated the RevivalRO App here is the following information about the changes!

Download New Version

( Changes & Upgrades & Fixes )
- Fixed font colors issue on devices with light color themes
- Fixed compatibility with Hercules PACKETVER >= 20171207 (packets 0xae4, 0xae5, 0xaf0)
- Fixed NPCs with ID > 10178 displaying as porings)
- Support for displaying BMP/SIGNBOARD signs from signboardlist.lub
- Changed soft wraps in overhead boards from word-based to letter-based
- Fixed bug that caused game resources to be re-downloaded each app launch (since v226)
- Increased max.stat and free status points display limit
- Fixed cash shop icon position
- Increased item db cache speed
- Added option to delete corrupted Thor files and to copy their names
- Added option to copy resource names of "resource not found" exceptions (to send them to server GMs)
- max_guildpositions setting is no longer needed. Guild positions list now has dynamic length
- Status window is now displayed below "..." menu button to allow pressing on AGI
- Fixed file corruption when resuming existing files download from file servers with GZIP support
- Increased full client download speed from HTTP file servers with GZIP support 
- GRF caching speed increased.
- Changed error when loading skill effect LUA files to non-fatal
- Fixed crash on some servers with changequest
- Added "disable_doram_creation" clientinfo tag
- Changed default client directory to the default Android directory for app files
- Fixed full client download not supporting resume for servers with GRFs in subfolders
- Improved HTTP file server support. Now support file lists. Details
- Added "fileserver_filelist_url" clientinfo tag
- Fixed Doram skill tree being not visible
- Fixed instant "failed to connect to master-server" on certain devices
- Support for Star Gladiator's Feel message box / reply
- Attempt to fix server selection double tap leading to double server data initialization
- Support for ITEM and NAVI tag in script messages (navi will just print target location tooltip though)
- Fixed some quest log related crashes, implemented "0x8fe quest objectives list" and "0x9f9 addquest" packets support
- Fixed resources not being repacked into GRF when using own HTTP file server
- Added enforce_login_background_id clientinfo.xml setting (to support force first/second login background NEMO setting)
- Changed error when failed to load robe from RobeNameTable_Eng lua file to non-fatal
- Fixed resume full client download not working for certain servers
- Support for "shared_body_palettes_type2" setting of NEMO
- Support for new 2018 dropitem, friendlist and solvecharname packets
- Improved Doram support (can now create Doram, also fixed sprite display)
- fixed crash related to quest window in certain client versions 
- fixed quest window not properly displaying quest description
- enabled reading item links
- maximized chat window can now be scrolled and supports clicks on item links

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