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RevivalRo Melanis Guide

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                                                                                                  RevivalRo Melanis Guide:

So let me make this Guide as simple as possible 

1)So what is Melanis?

  It is PvM system introduced in 2016.

2)So how do we go there?

First, make your way to @geffen then enter the portal at 29,119, When you make your way out you will see a bridge walk through the bridge and enter the portal straight off the bridge at 22,190.

Next map at 69,342 there is a portal called Melanis portal click then enter. You can stay in Melanis up to 10mins and for each traverser stones increases your time limit by 60mins Yousef gives you about 2 traverser stones every day, You can obtain Traverser stones from Yousef at Melanis 60,336.

3)So what do we farm here?

Melanis mobs drop animal enchantments and equipment and some consumables, They don't drop them directly or you cannot autoloot them they go into Melanis treasure chest and the chain increases the chance of getting better loots, Max mob chain is up to 5 and the chain stacks up when killing a lot of mobs. Make sure you are in a party so you don't lose chain even if you log out, but you will lose the loots if you get Dc. The chain usually gets reset during server restart or maintenance.

4)What are Safe Zones?

These areas inhibit the monsters from attacking you When you stay in a safe zone your considered to be safe and this is the place you can place your Alts or go when your being ganged up.

however, it might prevent the monster from attacking you it won't stop the horse like figure following you everywhere you go.

Abysmal Ringmail:(Market Value 25c) Dropped from Chevalier of the Void

Star Gladiator(Max Stats) With hatred on Chevalier of the void, Set feelings on the map and always use Solar Heat.

30stats or better wing with 3exp amstr+orc hero

Drooping Amistr or Amistr Beret with 4 Exp Amstr cards

Great Demon Robe with Gloom as Armor.

Great Demon Shroud with deviling or 9-10+Heroic Backpack with deviling

Valk Shield with thara frog

Red tie or 15-18+stats lower with Exp amistr or perimeter card

10+Book with 1Ak+Dracula+Sniper card premium+thanatos card as weapon or Testament that you later get from last rites refine it and use it.


Antique Boots or Bronze Greaves as shoes with Okc or ascendent orc.

Minx(Sacred Nappy)Market value:80c  

Amstr Beret(4Dark pings)

Wings 30stats(Esl,Orc Hero,2Gemini)

Red Tie(Marduk)


10+VVSH Sword/Perun Axe Aunoe /Sniper Card/Ak

10+Heroic Backpack(flamel emul)

Antique Boots(Gec)

2Recon Rings with ifrit



  • will continue to add more when i get time....



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