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Eat all food at once?

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Do you know about a function or a hotkey that use all (or specified number) of items?

For example: I have 300 Red Plants and I don't want to click 300 times with the mouse to Eat Them All.

Can I define a key for Use an object (to push it, and not click on the object)?


Thank you for the info!


Best regards



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We don't have a function like that as far as I know.
You can try placing the item into F7th or F8th hotkey slot on the first hotkey bar. Then type /q2. This will allow you to use those hotkeys by scrolling your mouse instead.

For some items such as Pancakes, there is an exchanger that converts 100 Pancakes into one Pancaline's Special stack which has the equivalent value to 100 pancakes.

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