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Hello. Welcome to my buy and sell page!
Direct message me on forums for fast response.
IGN: Kim Soul | Dark Sniper | Angel Kim

Updated 2nd July 2018


+5 Sapphire Ring - 20m each. Need 2 pieces.
Kris [0] with +10 DEF or above. PM me on forums for the price.

984.gif Oridecon ~~~ 30k each [Got 1,000 pcs]
985.gif Elunium ~~~ 10k each [Got 16,000 pcs]
7922.gif Yggberry Voucher ~~~ 2m each [Got 60 pcs]
608.gif Yggdrasil Seed ~~~ 15k each [Got 700 pcs]
1029.gif Tiger Skin ~~~ 50k each [Got 900 pcs]
7020.gif Mother's Nightmare ~~~ 1m each [Got 33 pcs]
13067.gif Kris [ Wiki Link ]
+6 DEF Kris ~~~ 1 coin each
+12 Crit Kris ~~~ 1 coin


CEDI Loots
32648.gif Pragmatist's Mail ~~~ 30m zeny aech
32635.gif Antiquated Shield ~~~ 30m zeny each
32637.gif Resplendent Ring ~~~ 30m zeny each

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