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  1. Kecikk

    [2019-01-24] Weekly maintenance

  2. Mybe, U need max stat to see different... Get rgr, okc and fey boots... Fire. Armor if there volcano... Most important is right arrow... Well its depend on what you want to do...
  3. Kecikk

    Bunny Ballon Hat

    Love to have this as costume, but after i make it, its change into unknown item, but still i can wear it...
  4. Kecikk

    Bunny Ballon Hat

    Can you guys make a Bunny Balloon Hat [2] available to be costume via costumer npc, i would happy to have that. Thanks..
  5. Kecikk

    Halloween Event 2018

    Where is NPC for exchange holloween duplicate equipment? As i remember we have one, but now, i cant find it....
  6. Kecikk

    Android bug list and improvements!

    Thank for bringing this game on android, im happy playing this game back, here is what im found.. 1- Priest got just 1 cloth color, basic no1 only 2- Few people selling item like item on #trade but i saw like %54habdh4510m on my chat 3-did all skill effect have been disable on andro?