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  1. I think you should do with same environment, not just summon MVP in "empty room"..
  2. My opinion is just let it be... Yeah..if can sell +10, it help seller sold a bit little expensive (and it will not stand for long time) If it now, people who want to refine +10 of vv (mybe) he/she need buy 5-10 pcs ea to refine it. At least you need work to hard refine it. (its more fun when you do cedi when the loot is from tressure box then right now from zotar)
  3. Oh...so now how to obtain those? only from this forum? event? or there are some other way? NVM...just found...
  4. What use of Community Points?
  5. STR max, ASPD max (200 ithink) VIT 80 and the rest is LUK. DEX 1, well it different if you using premium (equipment/card)..
  6. Collect and Redeem this... All NPC near HOA Entrance
  7. Glad to have some respond... Ty... 😁😁😁
  8. Hi, i wonder that... can all costume put on costume tab?? for me, its more easier to find... thanks...
  9. Can you check, if this is reason why orange tie cannot used in cedi?
  10. Kecikk


    Would it be cool if we have Archangel Wing (41869) and heroic backpack (2576) as costume??? Since we already have giant cat bag, so why not if we have another cloak costume...
  11. Yea... Its also kill my interest to play anymore...
  12. Wow... Dateline is too far away... Are you sure??
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