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  1. Thanatos Card's script in revivalro wiki is "{bonus bDefRatioAtkRace,RC_Boss; bonus bDefRatioAtkRace,RC_NonBoss; bonus bSPDrainValue,-1; bonus bDef,-30; bonus bFlee,-30; },{},{}". I remember seeing a comment in some forum that bDefRatioAtk is [ATK * ( (Soft DEF + Hard DEF) /100)] and this formula is also the formula for pre-renewal Ice Pick (source iRO) also ice pick and thanatos card got same effect/description ("Deals more damage depending on the target's Defense."). And in addition to this to prove my claim Thanatos Card and Ice Pick both have the script "bDefRatioAtk" in ratemyserver.net. Therefore [ATK * ( (Soft DEF + Hard DEF) /100)] is also the formula for thanatos card in pre-renewal.
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