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  1. Those balloons aren't good aesthetically. Can the admins please add or replace those balloons with something more pleasing to the eyes? ❤️
  2. We all know Upper Dyna has +30 stat as default. Can you add the +30% damage to all races except demi-human too? It is 50c for a reason. Thanks.
  3. I have Guillotine Cross costume, but every time I use the "Hiding" skill (not cloaking), my sprite becomes the default 3rd job.
  4. Some headgears are upside-down when viewed using android. Few examples are: - Poring Pipe - Star Power - Dark Flame Costume - Kitten Love - Cozy Scarf - The +35 Stats Easter Wing Donate ...I'll add more once I come across some weird looking people ingame. Lol Also, it would be a lot convenient if we could add the player coordinates in the UI of andro. And that the joystick moves are a lot smoother.
  5. Although there are a lot of sprites to choose from, there are only few good sprites for Mid and Lower gears. My favourite Upper head sprite is the Hat of Sun God, and yet, I cannot find a perfect match for it in the Middle and Lower gear. How I wish I could copy the sprite of the Golden Wings, just to pair up perfectly. The headgear is 5000 points by the way. If there are people who could collect all the good sprites in one post, kindly reply it here. Thank you.
  6. I would like to suggest that the #trade channel be similar to RODex. Let it be just an optional window where you could see posts from people that are buying or selling something. (I know you could leave #trade channel, but what if you want to check it "occasionally"?) 70% of the chats I read are trade posts, and 95% of them are repetitive.
  7. Hi Sierra, you are always very helpful. Just one question though, "once every 10 minutes in random dungeon" - I get the random thing, but does this mean all levels of a dungeon, is considered one? Or each of the levels is 1 dungeon already? Thank you. Hi Janus, thanks for these tips. For me, I usually see them at GH. There are stuff, I hunt from GH, which is why I randomly walk across them.
  8. I got 600 sets of love items, is that enough to make all of these gears? Thanks And the difference of each chocolates? Do they give same chances of getting boxes? Or each is specific to a head gear part?
  9. For the past month, I've seen like 5 or more MPs on different dungeons. I've sold them since I am a newbie in the server. Now, I reckon that it may be a good thing to focus my time on. Any tips on how to farm them effectively? I tried to scour three dungeons already, and found none. They usually are just my random encounters in the past. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi, there are too many of these in game, but I'll take my chances. Updated March 5, 2018 SELLING: 2x Gloom Under Night Card @ 3c ea 3x Tao Gunka Card @ 2C ea 2x Valkyrie Randgris Card @3C ea 2x Ring Des @ 3C ea 90 pcs. OCAs @ 1c per set 100 Mining Points (dm me on Discord @Jon Snow#8543, or pm/mail me ingame) BUYING: SRTs +6, +7, +8, +9 Leave information in the comments. Thank you! IGN: Jon Snow, Black Widow, Legolas Greenleaf
  11. So, I got these (imo fugly) Star Power + Demon Wings pair that I got from '30 Stat Lucky Box' and 'Wings Lucky Box'. The NPC says that I need two head gears from SAME box before I can get a replacement? Therefore, I need make another purchase of each boxes before replacement. Are these all correct, or am I missing something?
  12. Up on this please. Syphon? Kitty? LArc? Sierra? Ice?
  13. Any GM or Admin that would post the pics of the items on sale? The wiki has no display image.
  14. Can RRO be installed on an USB drive, then play it on other PC?
  15. I dont think admins will notice this question.
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