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Any KPOP fans here?

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I was wondering if anyone on this server are kpop fans~ bts_kawaii_suga_by_emojikid-dabm317.gif

bts___rapmonster_emoticon_by_scoobydoobe If you are, let me know which group you stan for, who your bias (or bias wrecker) is, and all the goodies. 

It'll be nice if we can share what we like and also check out other groups and give them support!!! bts_v_buing_buing_by_emojikid-dada43s.gi


I'm an ARMY and I stan mostly BTS. My ultimate bias is the cutie Kookie jungkook_swag_by_ramenkpopemotes-da8skv3 and the rest of the members are all bias wreckers...  heart_by_miaowkat-da5g6tp.gif They are such cute dorks though and I love them all to bits.

My other favourites are BlackPink, KARD, Dreamcatcher, GOT7, SHINee, Elris, Nuest, and also NCT U.



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