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Patch Notes - May 29, 2023


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Hello Midgardians,

As part of our recent maintenance, we have prepared some exciting news and updates for you. Check out below the details:

2nd Quarter 2023 Sale:

  • 20% Bonus on Premium Points Donation 
  • 1 Donor Box for every 2000 Premium Points (20c) Donation
  • Amberknight Promo is still ongoing. Prizes for Jackpot are: (changes everyday)
    • Coin Shower
    • Woodland Topper
    • Owl Wings/Avian Wings

List of 2nd Quarter Sale:



***2nd Quarter 2023 Sale will end on June 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM Server Time***



1) Credit/Premium Point Coin Prize - is capped at 75M each. Anyone caught/reported selling more than the said amount will be punished.

2) The following items can now be turned into a costume:

  • Magical Feather 
  • Ascendant Crown
  • Autumn Headband
  • Black Ribbon
  • Divine Guard Helm
  • Focus Beret
  • Harvester Hat
  • Lyrica Hat
  • Inconspicuous Hat
  • Sea Captain Hat
  • Nightmare Ring
  • Galeam Salutis
  • Jirant Circlet
  • Jirant Circlet (Red)
  • Jirant Circlet (Purple)


Season Pass 2023 Update


Mystical Card Album (MCA) and Banner Art Contest


Please continue to support and help the community flourish by leaving us a  positive review and by voting our server on RateMyServer

Thank you for your continued support.


GM Team


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