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Pursuing The Undead King - Halloween 2023 Sequel


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A group of Archaeologist found an underground entrance in Niflheim and saw the Undead King trying to reach the Rune-Midgard and wreck havoc upon it



Head out to nif_fild01 (179, 61) and you will see a group of Archaeologist, talk to the Archaeologists to trigger the instance.



After entering the instance, you need to talk to Ulysses fletcher who is hiding. He then, will tell you that one of the monsters is keeping the spare key to enter the next area. And his sister has been abducted and locked in prison.



In the next map, locate the prison room by entering the doors along the stairs. (Note: You can kill all monsters for the quest costume requirement drop or try to find the prison and save Elouise Fletcher right away.)



After saving Elouise and grabbing the treasure room key,



Proceed to the treasure room to either get the treasure or proceed to hunting down the Undead King.



Defeating the Undead king will conclude the instance and a treasure chest will spawn for the members to roll for the loots inside.



The exclusive items that can be found in this instance can be used to create 2 new Halloween costumes.

*** There's a 24hrs cooldown***

*** Premium gears are disabled inside the instance map.***


Halloween Questable Costumes

Players can get the special items from the instance and trade all of the required materials to Pumpkinring thats roaming around Niflheim(just make sure that you have a halloween candy in your inventory)

1.)  King’s Tyranny –Upper



  • King’s Ambition(instance exclusive) - 5 pcs.
  • Castle Malevolence (instance exclusive) - 100 pcs.
  • Steel - 1000 pcs.
  • Bloody Edge - 100 pcs.


2.)  Full moon’s horror  -Lower



  • Brother’s Agony (instance exclusive) - 5 pcs.
  • Castle Malevolence instance exclusive) - 100 pcs.
  • Tooth of Bat - 1000 pcs.
  • Ghost Chill - 50 pcs





GM Team

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