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Places to level quickly

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This is for new/old/returning players and I will go over where and most importantly when to level. I will try my best to give you my guide for leveling quickly, so if you think there's a better way to do something let me know. This guide is for all classes so I will be going over what stats to use while leveling. (If you are a magic type you are going to have to restat for auto attacking) I will try to give the gear at that time to use. I will not be going over how to play the game, so if you are just starting then you should learn how to play by doing the first quest/map when you create a character. ANGRA WILL BE NEEDED! LEGIT VERSION OR RENTAL WORKS! YOU GET A FREE NOVICE ANGRA WHEN CREATING A CHARACTER! ~Now let's begin!~

To note: I will be starting from novice then rebirth. The stats (str, agi, etc) will be simply be for auto attacking so if you're playing a magic class I suggest using stats as suggested below and start punching, you can always restat once max level or when you done leveling.

Stats to aim for until you level 103+ will be for auto attacking thus, start with dex until instant cast (dex: 150 total) then agi for 196 aspd and then rest in str/luk. You can restat now to do this and wait to restat later when you're done leveling.


Level 10-40 after choosing a class: Once you pick a class, talk to the Job Master again to get 9 job levels. (Making you 10/10) Then head over to orc dungeon floor 1. Start killing everything, which will die in one hit. Once you hit job level 40 go back to Job Master and upgrade your class unless you rebirthed already then continue until job level 50. Also put all stats into dex while doing this part.

Minimum gear needed: Novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works) To Note: Novice set last a week, madness set last a month once you open the boxes for them. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THESE EXPIRE TO LEVEL! (I would suggest recreating your character if needed)


Level 40-103 after upgrading your class: Make your way into sphinx floor 4 (if you don't have the money go back into orc dungeon and farm items until you make enough zeny) and start killing everything, mainly focusing anubis he gives the most exp here. Fly wings or @jump (if your a donor) will greatly help here.

Minimum gear needed: Again novice angra and novice armor set (madness set also works)

Stats and gear to aim for while doing the next part will depend on which direction you want to go, as in doing bio laboratory basement or Gramp's Quests.

Level 103+: Now this part is tricky since there is a quest that will greatly help you if you're new or under gear. The best place to level from here would normally be gramp's quests in @go 39 (see this page for that, click Here) Or if you have the dark lord card I would suggest going into bio laboratory basement as killing there would a little faster than gramp's quests until you hit around level 180+ then Gramp's quests will be just as fast if not faster.

So if you're going to go bio labs basement the stats and minimum gear need is:

Minimum gear: Novice angra and set except switch the boots for ones with a card slot to put dark lord card into.
Stats: 150 total dex for instant casting, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into int for increased damage with dark lord card.


If you don't have dark lord card, but do have a set of alligator, then simply use that and auto attack everything to death in bio labs basement. Stats for this would be 150 dex, enough agi for 196 aspd and rest into str. Novice set can be used if you don't have alligator set but it'll be slower than just going to Gramps and doing those quests.




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Guest Crystalline

Good day everyone~

This thread is indeed helpful for people who doesnt know where to go for leveling...**however**...

**quote has been removed to hide information about the bug**

This is actually a bug... so i would heavily advise changing this to something else as using this bug to skip leveling from 1 through 10 **multiple times and spreading this information** would be considered as exploit.


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Removed the Quote from player that is considered as exploit info
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