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SugarFree’s Guide to Hermes Holiday (Solo Champ)

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SugarFree’s Guide to Hermes Holiday


IGN: SugarFree , McFlurry, nom nom nom, Snapple

Hermes Holiday is one of  the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 





Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest)

1 Operation Ticket on each party member




Your main task is to deliver the letters within 15 minutes limit.

You will start with 15 letters needed to be delivered to specific mailboxes.

There are a total of 22 mailboxes. Each mailbox has one letter that needs to be taken and delivered to another mailbox.



Every wrong Address will increase the counter of letters needed to be delivered, so pay attention!!!




The map is a mirror of Gonryun Field 01(gon_fild01)



There are a total of 7 areas:

Temple Road 2 Mailboxes


Rural Bend 3 Mailboxes


Main Street 5 Mailboxes




Safari Lane 2 Mailboxes


Coal Mine only 1 Mailbox



Windmill way only 1 Mailbox



Port Bluff 8 MailBoxes



Equipment and Stats:



Orc Hero Cardimmunity to stun

Nightmare Cardimmunity to Sleep

Evil Druid Cardimmunity to Freeze and Stone

Antique Footgear / Strong Shield(Optional for knockbacks from Skid traps,they’re quite annoying)


DEX: total 150 for instant cast

AGI: until ASPD 196 for maxed attack speed

INT: for Maxed SP

STR :for weight capacity to carry Berries or Blue pots



The main reason why I recommend using a Champion class because of the skill Body Relocation, With Immunity-to-status gears,means you can navigate the whole maps with ease and faster.

Basically, just spam Body Relocate and past all the traps and plants. 


Don't pick up the letters from the mailboxes if the address is too far, you have an option to refuse.

Make sure to check the addresses of other mailboxes  like Port Bluff which has 8 mailboxes, chances are the address would be on the same location. 


If for some reason you deliver the last letter at the same time with a party member and the counter says you need to deliver -1 more, just deliver a letter to the wrong address and the counter will go back to zero and you complete the instance.


Speed is the key, the longer you are in the instance the more traps will spawn!





 "You successfully completed the operation" head back to the starting point and check the Treasure Chest


Plant-Type Cards (Scorpion, Hermit Plant, etc.)

Moonlight Flower Card



Hermes Sandals

Black Messenger Bag

Blue Messenger Bag

Cyan Messenger Bag 

Gold Messenger Bag

Green Messenger Bag

Purple Messenger Bag 

Red Messenger Bag

White Messenger Bag


Special Thanks to Wafflewich 

Constructive criticism and feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!


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Nice guide, very detailed with the different parts and Mailboxes. :3

One more sort of addition, the Item Queen's Bells gives Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep and Stun and has 2 slots itself. Might be also neat as alternative to save some cards. 😛

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On 10/10/2019 at 2:57 AM, gcq said:

Nice guide, very detailed with the different parts and Mailboxes. :3

One more sort of addition, the Item Queen's Bells gives Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep and Stun and has 2 slots itself. Might be also neat as alternative to save some cards. 😛


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