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"Psssht - You want some drugs?" Creators ... and you


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========== "Psssht - You want some drugs?" Creators ... and you ==========


IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, Shikabane no Odori and many more

========== Overview ==========
Creator or also called Biochemist is the alternative path a Merchant can choose if he don't want to be a Whitesmith. Creator can craft all kinds of Potions, but are also pretty neat in combat or giving their Party handy buffs. Furthermore, they even have access to their own little "slave". ~

========== Skills ==========

-- Values on the skills always be on max level of that skill, if not stated otherwise. --


First Class, Merchant

mc_inccarry.gif Enlarge Weight Limit (Lv10) - Increases the maximum weight limit +2000.
mc_discount.gif Discount (Lv10) - Decreases the price of items sold by NPC by up to 24%.
mc_overcharge.gif Overcharge (Lv10) - Increase the amount of Zeny you get by selling items to an NPC by up to 24%.
mc_pushcart.gif Pushcart (Lv10) - Lets you rent a Cart, which provides additional storage (100 slots, 8000 weight). Can be accessed via Alt+W. Also gives you back movement speed depending on the Lv of the skill. Carts can be rent on Rental NPC in Prontera [/navi prontera 125/199]. If you remove your Cart while items are in there, you won't lose them. You can access them again when renting a Cart again.
mc_vending.gif Vending (Lv10) - Lets you open an Vending shop on allowed maps. Can sell a max. of 12 items at once. Requires to have a Cart active.
mc_identify.gif Item Appraisal (Lv1) - Identifies an unknown Item.
mc_mammonite.gif Mammonite (Lv 10) - Dealing high damage (up to 650% ATK) with an single blow, Consumes Zeny to use the attack (up to 1.000 Zeny per strike).
mc_loud.gif Loud Exclamation (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Adds STR +4 for 5 minutes.
mc_changecart.gif Change Cart (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Lets you change the appearance of your Cart depending on your BaseLv you can unlock different looks. Purely cosmetic. Requires to have a Cart active.
mc_cartrevolution.gif Cart Revolution (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Hits Target with a small AoE (3x3) around it. Deals ATK*150% Neutral damage. Enemies are pushed back 2 cells. Items in your Cart increase the damage to up to +100% (1% for every 80 weight in the Cart). Requires to have a Cart active.



Transcendent Class, Creator

am_learningpotion.gif Learning Potion (Lv 10) - Increases effectiveness of Potions -healing effect (up to 50%) and the success rate when creating them (up to 10%).
am_pharmacy.gif Pharmacy (Lv 10) - Enables you to create Potions. Requires the correct Potion Creation Guide for the item you want to make. Increases success rate when creating potions up to 30%. NOTE: Baby-Alchemist/Creator have a -30% rate. Requires a Medicine Bowl.
am_axemastery.gif Axe Mastery (Lv 10) - Increase damage with Axe Weapons by ATK +30.
cr_cultivation.gif Plant Cultivation (Lv 2) - Has a 50% success rate on summoning an Mushroom or Plant. Lv 1 lets you summon a Mushroom (Red, Black), Requires Mushroom Spore. Lv 2 lets you summon a Plant (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Shining), Requires Stem. Disabled in WoE.
am_cp_helm.gif Chemical Protection Helm (Lv 5), am_cp_shield.gif Chemical Protection Shield (Lv 5), am_cp_armor.gif Chemical Protection Armor (Lv 5), am_cp_weapon.gif Chemical Protection Weapon (Lv 5) - Protects an Helm or Shield or Armor or Weapon part from damage (Breaking or Divest) for an set duration. Each Skill Requires 1 Glistening Coat.
cr_fullprotection.gif Full Protection (Lv 5) [short: FCP or CP] - Protects Target with all 4 Chemical Protection effects at once for an set duration. Requires 1 Glistening Coat.
am_spheremine.gif Summon Marine Sphere (Lv 5) - Summons an Marine Sphere (id 1142) to the Target cell. Sphere will cast Self-Destruct when receiving damage. Requires 1 Marine Sphere Bottle.
am_cannibalize.gif Bio Cannibalize (Lv 5) - Summons an Plant Monster to the Target cell. Skill Lv affects the summon Monster. Lv 1 - Up to 5 Mandragora (id 1020); Lv 2 - Up to 4 Hydra (id 1068); Lv 3 - up to 3 Flora (id 1118); Lv 4 - Up to 2 Parasite (id 1500); Lv 5 - 1 Geographer (id 1368). Requires 1 Plant Bottle.
am_demonstration.gif Demonstration (Lv 5) - Sets Target Area on Fire (3x3). Can reveal hidden Enemies. Damaging Enemies (ATK 350%) and has chance on breaking their Weapons (5%). Requires 1 Bottle Grenade.
am_acidterror.gif Acid Terror (Lv 5) - Damages the Target (ATK 500%) with the chance of breaking their Armor (13%) and inflict Bleeding (15%). Has the same property as your Weapon. Requires 1 Acid Bottle.
cr_aciddemonstration.gif Acid Demonstration (Lv 10) [short: AD] -Damages Target (50% on other Players) with up to 10 consecutive hits. Targets VIT increases the damage. Attack is always Neutral. Chance of breaking their Weapon and Armor (10%). Requires 1 Bottle Grenade and 1 Acid Bottle.
am_potionpitcher.gif Potion Pitcher (Lv 5) [short: PP] - Throws a Potion at ally or yourself (or your Homunculus) to heal them with x% effectiveness of that Potion. Skill Lv determines the effect, can be selected. Lv1 - uses Red Potion (110%); Lv2 - uses Orange Potion (120%); Lv3 - uses Yellow Potion (130%); Lv4 - uses White Potion (140%); Lv5 - uses Blue Potion (150%). Stacks with Healing Bonus like INT, VIT, Increase HP/SP Recovery and Learning Potion. Heal bonus is halfed.
cr_slimpitcher.gif Slim Potion Pitcher (Lv 10) - Consumes 1 Condensed Potion to heal all Party members in a 7x7 AoE around the Target. Lv1 ~ Lv5 - Condensed Red Potion (150%); Lv6 ~ Lv9 - Condensed Yellow Potion (190%); Lv10 - Condensed White Potion (200%). Healing effect diminishes the more Targets are Healed. Heal bonus is halfed.

  • Homunculus Related Skills

am_bioethics.gif Bioethics (Lv 1) - [Platinum Skill], Enables you to create a Homunculus.
am_callhomun.gif Call Homunculus (Lv 1) - Lets you call an existing Homunculus. First call Requires 1 Embryo.
am_rest.gif Rest (Lv 1) - Vaporizes Homunculus.
am_resurrecthomun.gif Resurrect Homunculus (Lv 5) - Revives Homunculus when it got killed in battle.

  • Soul Linked Skills

am_berserkpitcher.gif Berserk Pitcher (Lv 1) - Throws Berserker Potion on any class to increase their ASPD. Requires 2 Berserk Potions.
am_twilight1.gif Twilight Pharmacy I (Lv 1), am_twilight2.gif Twilight Pharmacy II (Lv 1), am_twilight3.gif Twilight Pharmacy III (Lv 1) -Enables mass Potion creation with different requirements (details will be down below).
am_twilight3.gif Twilight Pharmacy IV (Lv 1) - [Custom Quest Skill], Enables mass Potion creation.


========== Soul Linkers and you ==========


Alchemist Spirit is a very useful buff for Creators and Alchemists. Sadly it needed to be nerfed a bit, therefor you most likely only can find it in use for Potter.
The nerf affected the Increased effectiveness of Potion Pitcher, before that, Creators could easily Heal obscure amounts of Health (3 to 4 Pitches to heal a 1m HP Pally for instance).

The Link provides the following effects:
- Increase the effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by the Soul Linkers Base Level% (max 90).
- Allows the Use of Berserk Pitcher, Twilight Alchemy I, Twilight Alchemy II and Twilight Alchemy III.
- When using Mammonite, it will be on a 1,5x of it's cast Level (on Lv10 it will be Lv15).


========== A better potting story then Twilight ... and you ==========

Twilight Alchemy I, Twilight Alchemy II and Twilight Alchemy III - as well as the custom Quest skill Twilight Alchemy IV are ways to mass create a decent amount of Potions in short time.
NOTE: All of them require you to have 200 Medicine Bowls and the fitting Potion Manuel in your inventory.
NOTE2: While writing this, TW is still buggy and might not work with your Creator, refer to the Bug Tracker to see details about this. Lets all hope it be fixed soon. qq


  •    Twilight Alchemy I (TW1)

TW1 lets you created 200 White Potions in one go by using 200 White Herbs and 200 Empty Potion Bottles. This does not count into your Alchemist Ranking.

  •    Twilight Alchemy II (TW2)

Creates 200 Condensed White Potions by using 200 White Potions, Witched Starsand and Empty Test Tubes. This will gives you points in the Alchemist Ranking. Requires an Super Novice in your Party. However, the SN don't need to be online to make this work.

  •     Twilight Alchemy III (TW3)

Lets you create 100 Alcohol, 50 Acid Bottles and 50 Bottle Grenades in one go. Requires enough materials for all of them (100 Empty Test Tubes, 200 Empty Bottles, 50 Immortal Hearts, 50 Fabric, 50 Alcohol, 500 Stem and 500 Poison Spores). Requires and Taekwon Boy/Girl in your Party. However, the Taekwon don't need to be online to make this work.

  •     Twilight Alchemy IV (TW4)

TW4 lets you create 200 Blue Potions in one go, by consuming 200 Blue Herb and 200 Empty Potion Bottles. Requires and Taekwon Boy/Girl in your Party. However, the Taekwon don't need to be online to make this work. (Works also without Link > Bug?)


========== Providing drugs for your local Junkies and you ==========

A big, non fight oriented aspect of Creators is the potting. Creators can create a variety of Potions, a list of them with ingredients can be found here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=creation_db&op=4
Commonly Potter create Potions like Blue Potion and Condensed White Potion, but also Glistening Coats. If you create an item in that way, it will be unique with your Creators name.
Success rate for the creation is mainly determined by the Job Level, associated Skills with it, INT, DEX and LUK, a calculator for the rate can be found here: http://ratemyserver.net/brew_calc.php (Note: Stats you insert there are Base + Bonus)



A special mechanic is the Creator Ranking. For every Condensed Potion you make (Red, Yellow or White), you will get points. The current Ranking on the Server can be checked by /alchemist.
> 3 Condensed Potions after another: +1 Point
> 5 Condensed Potions after another: +3 Points
> 7 Condensed Potions after another: +10 Points
> 10 Condensed Potions after another: +50 Points
If you are using Twilight Alchemy II, which creates 200 Condensed White Potions at once, that be in total 1280 Points. If you fail creating a Potion, the count goes back to 0 (the count not your total points).

  • But why ranking?

Potions created by the Top 10 ranked Creators heal 50% more, this includes HP healing potions as well SP healing potions. All Creators in the Top 10 heal the same, there is no difference. Higher Rank just means it's less likely to lose it. It doesn't effect Healing of Potion Pitcher or Slim Potion Pitcher tho.


========== Gotta catch them all! Homies and you ==========


(In the picture above, the two different shapes "Vanilmirth" can have, including in his evolved 'adult' form.)
Alchemists and Creators are the only class that can basically create their own unique "pet", a Homunculus. Homunculus is latin and means "little person".
In RO, Homunculi support their master with fighting for them or give them supportive buffs.

  •     How to create a Homunculus?

To create an Homun, you need to get the Platinum Skill (either on NPC or classic per Quest) "Bioethics". Then you can put on the follow up skills, "Call Homunculus" and "Rest" as well "Resurrect Homunculus".
To "Call" a Homunculus you need to have a Embryo in your inventory. You can obtain these by either making them yourself or as loot in Bio Lab Basement.
You will get a random selected Homun once you used the "Call" skill. If you like the result, you can keep it. If not you can "Delete" him, and call another random one (which will consume more Embryo). Your own stats can influence the Homun you get.

  •     Short Informations about Homunculus

Since this is a Creator "Guide" I will not go in depth about Homunculus, for more details use the Wiki Page: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Homunculus_System
In general tho, there are 4 kinds of Homun you can get for your Creator: Lif (Support), Vanilmirth (Magic Damage/Potting Support), Filir (Melee DPS) and Amistr (Tank DPS). Each of them have 2 different variants. It doesn't matter which variant you get, they are all the same within their kind (exp. blue bird Filir is the exact same as yellow bird Filir), it's purely aesthetic.


Commonly people chose either Lif or Vanilmirth. Lif has a neat buff ("Urgent Escape") to increase Movement Speed which can come handy in PVP/WoE. Vanilmirth is used to help it's master on doing chip damage in PVP/WoE, sadly it is not very tanky, so you need to recall it a lot. Also it's Skill "Change Instruction" helps on creating Potions.


========== MvP/Instances and you ==========

This will probably a short one.
Sadly Creators aren't really used in MvP/Instance content, beside their support buff "Chemical Protection" on their Party members. In that regard tho, they are very important, preventing breaking from Equipment is always nice. (if you have a super duper MvP-ing build that does not involve Angra/Ahura, feel free to let me know :3)
Their damage output isn't the best and is also very, veryyyy money consuming (if you go AD or Mammonite), you would have an easier and less money consuming time by just using another more DPS focused class. And sadly facing the more "stronger" MvP, Homunculus get killed quiet easily.
(If someone wants to point out Magic Build now ... Might as well play High Wizard then, they got Magic too. :v)


========== Teaming up on the enemy and you ==========

Creators have nice synergies with different classes, either on supporting them or combo off with then.
Due to the nature of Acid Demonstration being always Neutral, people tend to tanking it with cards like "Ghostring Card" (Enchants Armor with Ghost). While you will do less damage, it will help your other team mates. Clowns Frost Joker can make them freeze, as well as Wizards Storm gust. In that frozen status Wizards can either start to Jupitle Thunder or Champions can Asura for good damage.
Further Creators also like to team with Clowns for their Bragi, making Acid Demonstration even more spam-able.


  • Other Notes

Demonstration is neat not only to break your enemies stuff, but also to reveal Assassins and Stalkers.
Bio Cannibalize can be used to remove traps, so if you are stuck and see more Traps ahead of you, remove them with your lovely cute plants!
While Acid Demonstration depends on your targets VIT to deal more damage, it's generally a not so mart idea to only pick up on fat Paladins. Far more fun is picking classes that naturally use less shields; Sniper, Gunslinger and Assassin Cross.


========== Throwing Glass Bottles at your friends and you ==========

Despite being not a 100% Healer class, Creators can reach pretty high values in terms of Healing. Their major focus lies in that case on "Potion Pitcher". "Slim Potion Pitcher" can be used too, but due to the reduced Value, the more people you heal, it is less used.

Creators can easily reach 30.000k Heals like most High Priests can, however, Potion Pitcher Heal isn't as consistent as the normal "Heal". In one Pitch, you can Heal 25k, in the next 20k. In spam it doesn't matter much tho.

Commonly used for Potion Pitcher Builds are: Bacsojin Cards, Meditatio Hats/RDC Helms for the INT bonus, Sterne/VVSHMace for the INT and Heal Bonus, Heal3 Orbs for the Heal Bonus and very importantly: Soul Links (best from a Linker and not Fable Silk).


========== Terrorism and you ==========

You always had a secret fetish for explosion? You always wanted to just see the world burn? Then this handy little hat from the Touhou Lucky Box might be just be your dream item.

  • Harvester Hat [2] - +2 AGI, +2 INT, Increases your Homunculus stats by 2*refine; REFINE +7: ATK increases by 1 for every 25 STR, multiplied by refine; REFINE +9: Grants "Nature's Blessing", FCP gets a small AoE around the Target.

                                Nature's Blessing: All summoned Plants and Spheres will have 25% of your max HP and 10% of your ATK/Matk, as well as ASPD.

Now that doesn't sound much like a burning world, so what is so special about that? It is the Hat at at least +9 in combinations with "Summon Marine Sphere". Marine Sphere explodes and deals damage depending on their left HP. Per default, Marine Sphere has on max Skill Lvl 4000 HP. With the Nature's Blessing they get 25% of your max HP.



  •     How to set it up?

Per default, you will try to get your own HP as high as possible, which isn't that hard since "Tao Gunka Card" is very common in the server. Helpful can also be a Homunculus, because they "poke" the Marine Spheres, to move them, otherwise, you need to make them move.


    The Pros.
- With this massive HP boost, they can deal a lot of damage. Unprepared or Classes with general lower HP pool can get killed easily. It is a handy tool to wipe out AFK or Alt members of guilds E-Calls.
- You can reduce the damage you take from the Explosio with Fire Enchanted Armors, the Explosion is Fire Property.
    The Cons.
- The probably biggest Con, and also one of the main reason Guilds not really like seeing their fellow Creators becoming Terrorist is, that these Bombs hurt everyone. And I mean, literally, everyone, even you. As easy as you can wipe out the enemy, you can wipe out your own allies.
- It can be difficult to navigate the Bombs towards the enemy, especially if they push or retreat, making them often go into the nothing.
- Despite having boosted HP, they can still be easily killed before they can detonate, if a DPS class picks up on them in time. Also, they can Freeze which also stops their detonation progress.
- Fire Enchanted Armors do reduce the damage, but that also means you probably will take more damage from Water Property Magic like "Storm Gust". Also since you most likely will wear "Tao Gunka" to boost your HP, you can Freeze too.

Even tho there quiet a few Cons, it can be a very handy and devastating skill nonetheless, especially in solo plays. But if you notice, you kill your own allies more then the enemy, you might should change the strategy.


========== Speed up! Midas and you ==========

During sale periods the server released several 3rd Job hats. Also including the Creator one with the exclusive Skills "Cart Remodeling" and "Cart Boost (Geneticist)". For more informations check the wiki. The Movement Speed boost you get from the Genetic skill is pretty neat. It increases your speed by 60% for 90sec.

    19967.gif Midas Whisper [4] - All Stats +20, ACD -10%, 10% chance to pierce Pneuma with Misc Skills; If worn by a Creator: enables Skills [Cart Remodeling] and [Cart Boost (Geneticist)].



========== Stars, Eternal Love and you ==========

Creators got a few nice weapons to give their skills more power or extra trolling powers. One that can boost the damage and is pretty often used is Sterne from Hall of Abyss.

1541.gif Sterne [3] - Increases damage when using Acid Demonstration or Cart Termination by 15%, Increases recovery rate of Potion Pitcher or Slim Potion Pitcher by 10%.


Another special weapon for Creators is the Nicholas' Love from Wolfchevs Labratory.
16000.gif Nicholas' Love [3] - INT +3, ATK +5%, Increase Homunculus stats by 2 per refine; (Speciality Bonus) Acid Terror, if not breaking the enemies armor, has the chance of changing the enemies property randomly for 20sec.
It is a handy little way on supporting your team by changing the enemies Armor Property randomly, combining especially well if you team mate is a Wizard that can spam all kinds of different elements.



========== Build Examples ==========

Gonna update that late, it is late already. Wanna add an Terrorist build and if someone want to help out, I would take an AD focused example, ty, haha



RDC Helmet: DEX, LUK and INT setting, with ACD - 4 Dark Illusion Cards (10% Cast time each)

Fable Silk - Card doesn't matter (Pharao/Dark Illusion Card can be here, my Silk is used in WoE, that's why Gemini is in there for me)

Any +Stat Lower (+15) - Pharao Card

GOH - Any Armor/or no Armor goes; I use it for the 10% ACD

Antiquated Shield - Ammo2 Orb - Only using this for the Ammo2 orb. Chance to nullify Catalyst usage by 2%.

Poised Cloak - Ammo2 Orb - Only using this for the Ammo2 orb. Chance to nullify Catalyst usage by 2%.

Ebony Greaves - Ammo2 Orb - Only using this for the Ammo2 orb. Chance to nullify Catalyst usage by 2%. Kiel Card, even tho I feel like it doesn't matter much.

Poporing Ring - Chance to nullify Catalyst usage by 20%. 2 stack to 40%. 2 Beelzebub Card (30% Cast time each).


Those stats and gears give 100% success rate (can be checked on RMS) and the maximum on ACD and Cast time for Twilight Alchemy. Further the maximum strength allows that you can carry as much pots as possible while potting. The Fable Silk gives a permanent link, so you don't need an SL alt.


Potting: Buying Materials

The main materials include: Medicine Bowl, White Potion, Witched Starsand and Empty Testtubes.

For buying the best option is either using a Creator (with Lv 10 Discount: 24% less charge on NPCs) or a Stalker (Lv 5 Compulsion Discound: 25% less charge on NPCs). The character should have max STR, to ensure he can hold as much items as possible per deal. Enlarge Weightlimit with Gym Passes is optional.

All mates can be bought on the Alchemist NPC in the Eden Mall, however, the NPC charges way more for some goods, then the regular selling NPCs.

  • Medicine Bowls: Al de Baran (68 56, Alchemist Guild): 8z a piece (can only buy 2000 per deal)
  • Witched Starsand: Eden Mall (99 35, Alchemist NPC): 484z; 363z (Stalker) a piece (as much as you can carry per deal)
  • Empty Testtube: Geffen (65 176, Mage Guild): 3z; 2z (Stalker) a piece (as much as you can carry per deal)
  • White Potion: Any Tool Dealer: 1200z; 900z (Stalker) a piece (as much as you can carry per deal)


Potting: Set Up

To create Condensed Slim Potions, you need a Super Novice in your party. This Super Novice doesn't need to be online, it is enough if he is just in the party for the whole ordeal. Further you need to be Linked (either via Fable Silk or a SL alt, this alt doesn't need to be in a party).


Note: this is my personal set up, you can change up things as you like.


I use both, a Gypsy with Fortunes Kiss (reduces SP usage) and a Clown with A Poem of Bragi.

The Gypsies Service reduces my SP usage that much, that I don't even waste SP on Twilight Alchemy anymore, thus don't need to heal and can keep the storage up for the whole time of making potions. The Clowns Bragi helps reducing the Cast and After Cast delay of Twilight Alchemy to make the spam faster (note: you cannot reduce it to a 100%, you will always have a small delay).

I usually take 1600 of each mate, this is the maximum amount I can take before becoming overweight.

Then I just spam the Twilight Skill until the storage is full.


Other Tips

  • It can happen that the Party "does not work". This usually happens when the server restarts. If it happens, just kick all party members and re-invite them, it will fix the party.
  • Use multiple storage's for quicker potting, I personally use only Guild and Account storage, but if you can, you can even use the Character storage as well



========== Other Equipment and Cards - Options - ==========
Gonna mention only the Items that specifically are made for Creator or their Skills, or help them a lot.

16000.gif Erde [2] - Max SP +50, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Acid Demonstration by 20%, Increase Potions recovery rate by 10%.
16010.gif Red Ether Bag [1] - INT +5, ATK +5%, Acid Terror damage +10%, Homunculus STR/INT +5, Increase Homunculus STR/INT by 2*every refine over +5.
16001.gif Red Square Bag [2] - Max HP +200, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Demonstration by 20%, When killing a monster, there is a chance they drop a Potion; Base STR > 90: Chance to Stun enemy by 5%.
16001.gif Sealed Red Square Bag [3] - Max HP +1000, Increase damage of Acid Terror and Demonstration by 20%, When killing a monster, there is a chance they drop a Slim Potion; Base STR > 150: Chance to Stun enemy by 10%.
1548.gif Engelsflügel [2] - STR +3, HIT +50, ATK +5%, ATK +1%*refine, Chance of casting Wide Burning on attacking.
2951.gif Resplendent Ring [1] - Matk +125, Decrease SP usage by 25%, Decrease ACD by 5%.
card.gif Pyuriel Card - Increase damage with Acid Demonstartion by 8%.
card.gif Centipede Larva Card - INT +3, Matk +3%.
card.gif Kiel-D-01 Card - Decrease ACD by 30%.

Potter Oriented
In general, everything is good that gives you either DEX, INT or LUK. For a faster Spam (TW oriented) try get as much cast reduction and ACD as possible).
19149.gif Poporing Ring [1] - Chance of Nullify consumption of Ammunition/Catalysts by 20% (in our case: Medicine Bowls). [Also works well for Killers, since it reduces the Acid Bottles and Grenades used for skills.] - 2 Rings stack
1223.gif Fortune Sword [0] - PD +20, LUK +5.
2123.gif Orleans Server [1] - 5% chance of Reflect Magical Attacks, Mdef +2.
2785.gif Orleans Glove [1] - DEX +2, Matk +3%.
    Orleans Combo: Reduces Variable Cast Time by 10%.
card.gif Berzebub Card - Reduces Variable Cast Time by 30%.
card.gif Tower Keeper Card - INT +1, Reduces Variable Cast Time by 5%.
card.gif Pharao Card - SP consumption -30%.
card.gif Dark Illusion Card - Max HP/SP -10%, Reduces Variable Cast Time by 10%.
7447.gif Ammo2 - (Cedi Orb) Nullify Ammunition/Catalyst cost by 2% chance (in our case: Medicine Bowls).


========== Conclusion ==========

Creator can fill in a lot niches with their skills. From providing supplies for their friends to fight and defend them, you can choose several routes. But there is also a bit downside on it: Creator is a class that literally throws their money at the enemy. Not only literally with Mammonite, but rhetorical with Acid Demonstration, Acid Terror, Demonstration, Sphere Mines and so on, all the Bottles cost money (if you are not insane enough to farm that all).

Make sure you got enough resources to maintain the play style, or you will soon need to play something else. haha

But Hey! At least you get an adorable pet Homunculus to look at. ~

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