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(Ask) about angra manyu ( noob question)

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Some noob question here

1. Angra manyu and novice set is too good.. Is there  any eq that outpowered it? What weapon / equipment should i start to outpowered that set? 

2.there is bug in gramps quest. Its keep telling me kill count 0/0.. Im android user


Oh. And i sinX btw.


Thank you

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1. Angra is the most "powerful" weapon in game, nothing really outpowers it. However, it is not useable in PVP and legit maps. So for those scenarios, you need to look fro weapons that are commonly used there for your class (really depends on your class).

Edit: just read you are sinx. They usually use Angra + Perun Axe, if they can. Otherwise Sir Vincent Saber, Perun Axe or Hardened Steel Katar (there still more, I am not sinx main).


2. Andro is buggy as hell. If you want proper game experience, I suggest you using PC.

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