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Any tips on leveling up a Priest? im at 170 right now


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High priest can level up very fast just use Dark Lord card in boots+Salamander card in garment+ring of flame lord and resonance combo..walk around biolab spamming heal on yourself with maxed Int,Yes also listen to Cristina118 she is a good player and she know what she is talking about,You can start clicking on job changer he will instantly give you 10lvls and buffs,then go moscovia les forest till 40-50 level then go to thana 7 when you have reached level 100 go rebirth and start the whole process again and after you make it to the100th level go to thors volcano(Becareful Ifrit is there) till level 130+ after that you can go to gramps and level till 225 or if you think you can try biolab and your confident about it do try the build i mentioned..after 225 level ask someone to leech you at Omega Mvp Room,and Takecare Goodluck!

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