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Jones (Creator Ghost)

Box o Cuddles for Homunculus

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Not sure if that be a good idea, since there is A) Auto-feed (which means you can literally afk 24/7 and get your Homi loyal, if you have the food available, without any effort) and it also would give a huge advantage on the Homi itself (aka Evolution, stronger Stats, etc). And idk, it seems to me a bit off the point, like one aspect of Pets/Homis (I know the Box already destroyed that with Pets) is, that you take care of them.

Box'o'Cuddles is (in my opinion) borderline ok-ish since it just gives you the pets abilities and nothing more.


If you look for items that can increase the Intimacy from feeding, there is Amistr Tail, Shoulder Chicky and the Homunculus Care Guides. :3

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