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                                                                                               RevivalRO Referral Guide

No MMO is fun without playing it together with your friends, So not only you can invite them to play but also earn at the same time using the referral system just by forwarding links of your referral page to your friends, Each time they make a donation its assured that you get 5% of it and is applicable throughout their lifetime donation.:D

So how does this system work?9_9

1)Initially, start by inputting the below URL into the search bar, Make sure you logged into your account.


2)You could either click on Refer A Friend button with a high priest or Just Refer A Friend just below your Email or Beside your password both work the same just that the one with the high priest is more descriptive.

srrfrko.png orKmW6SpA.png


3)Here I chose the one with a high priest on it After you have clicked on it a table showing your friends progress on your URL appears by this you can keep track on their referral clicks and donations.

Total Registered: Refers to the total no of players registered through your link.
Latest 5 Referred Players: Last 5 players that you have shared your URL with.
Latest 5 earned points: Amount of points earned through your referral link.
Total Refer Clicks: Estimated amount of clicks on your link.


4)There are 100s of Social media platforms available to share your referral and invite your friends through.


5)So what does your friend see when he clicks on to your URL?


  They will see a similar page to this if your friend has just registered or downloaded the game, It doesn't mean that your gonna earn points, The premium points you earn is based on your friend donation.

6)If the same URL has been clicked for several numbers of times even from the same IP address its still gonna increase your referral clicks, So you can judge either the number of clicks on your URL is done by your friends or Its just the doing of a single person by checking the number of registrations.


8)After earning enough of referrals you can claim your rewards from NPC"Vegeta" who can be found in each and every town.


The reward that you claim are based on the number of referrals that you earn, The prizes include.

Referral Rewards:

Referral level 1:

1x Costume:Crazy Rooster

1x Yggdrasil berry 10Box

Referral level 2:

1x Costume:Staff of Clairvoyance

1x Small defense potion 10 Box

Referral level 3:

1x Costume:Chii Ears

1xSmall Magic Defense Potion 10 Box

Referral level 4:

1xCostume:Messenger Hat

1xPoison Bottle 10 Box

Referral level 5:

1xCostume:Arcane Protection

1xBubble Gum

Referral level 6:

1xCostume:Sparkle Wing


Referral level 7:

1xCostume:Futuristic Headset

1xCostume:Spirit Circle(Blue)

Referral level 8:

1xAngra Manyu

Referral level 9:

1xSpirit Wings

1xPlanet Orbs

Referral level 10:

Dyna-Hat Upper

Dyna-Hat Lower


1xDyna-Hat Mid

1xDyna Third


9)Here is a video to provide you with a picturized information on this system.^_^


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