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Patch Notes - April 15, 2023

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Hi Midgardians,


This new patch includes some fixes and updates which are listed below.



  • Seasonal Event NPC - Anniversary category has been added which includes Anniversary headgears and items from the previous Anniversary events.
  • WOE Update - Player participation time in WOE to get WOE Coins is now reduced to 15 minutes. It was previously 30 minutes.
  • Cedi System
    • Marvin's Cedi points daily maximum limit is now raised to 10,000 (from 8,000).
    • Additional Cards from OCA which Marvin will be asking now:
      • Ancient Tree Card
      • Bradium Golem Card
      • Cobalt Mineral Card
      • Draco Egg Card
      • Fanat Card
      • Hell Apocalypse Card
      • Pinguicula Card



  • Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda cannot be equipped inside the WWB instance.
  • Alphonso Set now gives the correct weight when put in the inventory.
  • Costume weapons interfering with Defender Skill is now fixed.
  • The following costumes' sprite are now visible:
    • Costume : Alphonse Helm ID#192374
    • Costume : Alphonse Aura ID#192375
    • Costume : Alphonse Cape ID#192376
  • Alphonse Aura can now be made into costume.
  • Costume: Abnocks Corium - placement fixed. From Armor tab to Costume tab.
  • Professor Card - Card artwork fixed. 
  • Pancake Card - Card artwork fixed. 
  • Demon Set now correctly adds 5% resistance against players.
  • Elemental Crown - Description effects fixed. 
  • Large White Angelwings now correctly reduces 10% damage from physical ranged attacks.
  • Damage script of Colourful Pride Helm fixed.
  • Happy Cat effects fixed according to its description.
  • Costume: Volume Low Twin (White) location changed from upper to lower.
  • Costume: Volume Low Twin (Cherry Blossom) location changed from upper to lower.


Thank you for your endless support.

Good luck, have fun.



RevivalRO Staff

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