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    Hello, Before anyone does any game trading activities, please be informed that game trading is not allowed in RevivalRO! This means selling any goods/service for non-RO goods/service is illegal! For example: Buying or selling credits to or from other players for real money or anything that involves real money and other players. ATTEMPT to do this activity will result in the seller being banned, and possibly the buyer as well, and no items would be recovered! If ever in doubt, you can also ask RevivalRO staff in game, discord and support before doing anything that could be illegal! Thank you and have fun! Regards, RevivalRO Staff
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    Also, happy valentines day pros, even tho it is almost over now but welps. Have the reason why I didn't really got time to start the commissions yet (lol) Anyways, all the lab to you guys ~ I will hardcore start them now, promised qq Dun like when people wait D:
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    So, I got these (imo fugly) Star Power + Demon Wings pair that I got from '30 Stat Lucky Box' and 'Wings Lucky Box'. The NPC says that I need two head gears from SAME box before I can get a replacement? Therefore, I need make another purchase of each boxes before replacement. Are these all correct, or am I missing something?
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