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  1. Will more items be added to the Bulk Buy Shop skill? Such as: 100 point coin, Cards, Mystical Card Albums, Hardened Steels, or any other usable items?
  2. wikkawubwub

    [Sales] Second Blackfriday sales

    Guys its useless giving feedback, complaining, or asking to change their minds. The GMs do not care what you think. They will say one thing and then change it the next and not keep their original word. They do not even answer emails from the support email either.
  3. wikkawubwub

    Black Friday Sale List

    Great Old Boots [1]
  4. wikkawubwub

    Black Friday Sale List

    Scarlet Angel Ear [1]
  5. wikkawubwub

    Where are the Premium Items?

    Where do I exchange my points at for Premium Items? Cash Shop does not have nearly as many as the wiki. And the rebirthro.com/cash-shop does not work. Where are people getting these wings and headgears? Help? Thanks.
  6. wikkawubwub

    Suggestion Thread

    Should make PayPal an option for a form of donation method.