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  1. Have You tried re-installing the APK?
  2. Hello and Welcome! First of all You need to hit escape button and head to BM/Shortcut settings, then simply associate it with You desired shortcuts (for ex. U click Hotkey 1-2 ->then associate shortcut with it) After U have done all of Your shortcuts, You need to push "F12" Multiple times, so that additional bars show up. The 2nd bar always associates to Hotkey marked as 1-2, The third bar to hotkeys 1-3 , etc. I think that's pretty simple. After You have associated Your bars with Hotkeys, just swap spells into Your bars and enjoy !!! !!!IMPORTANT!!! YOU NEED TO HIT ENTER ON YOUR CHAT SO THAT THE CURSOR DISAPPEAR, OTHERWISE U WILL BE TYPING INSTEAD OF USING SHORTCUTS !!!IMPORTANT!!!
  3. You should make a priest and use Magnus Exorcismus In Gefenia dungeon level 2 thru 4, just autoloot everything, when ur inventory is full 100/100, head to go 11 there is NPC right away You can sell those there and warp back to dungeon. This method can make 50-60M in an hour not counting the cards You get. Also I think it's best if You put Stackable items like potions etc into storage and later sell them with Merchant. You can buy blue gemstone at @go 9 Magic Items Seller, or U can buy Mistress card if You decide to dedicate purely to this method. Requirements for this: -High Priest (lvl.255 would be ideal) -Max Int -Teleport lvl 1 You can aswell try to farm Thanatos tower, @ autoloot everything aswell (stone of sage is main source of income), You can go Thanatos tower levels 7 thru 10. For this I would use LK, because they walk faster with pecos (since u can not teleport on those maps) and they can hold large amounts of weight. The another method would be farm "Mavkas" at Moscovia Forest lvl. 3, Autoloot Witherless roses (@alootid +748 and crystal mirror @alootid +747, You can aswell autoloot Blue Herbs, since they are RUSH for alchemists, You can sell them on trade @alootid +510 for that) Then there is aswell an option to farm Amistr Eyes in Bio Laboratory Underground (lvl4 on warpra). You need basic gears for this thought, since it's a lowrate drop. Amistr Eyes are really LIT right now u can sell just 2 of those babies for over 1 credit! You get lot of useful stuff aswell like Glistening coats, Acid bottels, OCA's and Clips of Cinciousness, You can always profit selling those aswell. You will need following: -Any slotted shoes (Dark Lord card) -Any slotted armor (Orc Lord card) -Any slotted shield (Alice card) -Novice Angra Manyu (until U get premium one) <-This is VERY important, You need the angra to get healed back from reflect. -Any slotted garment(raydric card/deviling card) -Ifrit Rings -Slotted headgears (Rata cards) To get these basic gears U can first grind up any of above methods, since these are pretty easy and do not require any special gears. Hope this helped a bit ^^ P.S. When U have Your 4 slotted angra, buy 4AK cards and head straight to new MVP rooms! It's worth it!
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