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  1. But we know getting those rare MVP card drops will ruin economy in the end. As the server progresses more of those cards will be flooded in the server and there will be nothing valuable or rare about those "hard to get" cards
  2. Can anyone give me an answer to what skills are cast with Seth's Pride, Seth's Wrath and the extra skills that are cast when used as a combo? Also the same question for Clip-on Fringe skills and Belly button ring skill and the combo skills? There's no answer on google, wiki or community. Also there is no script description of these equipment to know what skills are being cast. Very frustrating as a player here. So limited information.
  3. so is the second neutral resist number calculated after the first neutral resist? For example if 50% +20% resist and the damage is 100 would the formula be ((100*0.5) x (0.8)) to give 40 damage?
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