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Investment Tickets and How to Acquire?

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Hi All!

Just like the Title says I was wondering if maybe people from the Forum can help explain How to Acquire Investment Tickets? (those that are needed to buy siege weapons)

I waited for GMT+8:00 / March 25, 2020/ Wednesday (6:00PM) after WoE1 -- I assumed that the HoA should be empty and the Cat Agency should be able to take 
"Investment Zenny" and in return I was supposed to be Given an Investment Ticket.

But the Halls are open and the Cat NPC is not taking any investment. I just want a Bellum Spear. 

can someone please help and clarify? 😟

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After Wednesday WoE2, the Hall of abyss closes. People need to "invest" to open it again to the public. for each 5m zeny donation you get 1 Investment Ticket.

Alternatively you can wait for the Eden Daily Rewards: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Eden_Group_(Loki)


If you can't invest into HoA, it means it is full already and open for all. The only thing you then can do is either try one of the other HoA (as the one you tried) or wait till next week.

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