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Grinch Ruins Christmas (Christmas Event 2020)

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Hello Midgardians,

Christmas is here! And so is The Grinch in disguise to ruin Christmas! Santa is aware of this and so, he is calling out to all adventurers to help him save Christmas and stop The Grinch from stealing all the presents.


Players will be able to enter an instance to find the hiding Grinch but there will be 15 different Antonios to click on. If you click on the correct Fake Santa, then the Grinch will appear! But if you click on the incorrect Fake Santa, then there will be more mobs spawning in! Mobs will spawn normally depending on how many players there are on the map. 

Occasionally, the Grinch's "reindeer" aka Windigo will appear to kill someone but will be walking VERY slowly so do your best to either run away or fight it to the end!.

Party Requirements: 3 to 9 Players (> 100 Base/Job Level)
When Grinch attacks Midgard (every 3 hour at 44th Minute), New registrations would be stopped. Players/Party who have already registered before the Grinch Invasion can start the instance.


Instance have cooldown of 24 hours and starts every 3 hours!!


Players will be awarded 10 Wishlist (tokens) if they complete the instance correctly however, if you do it incorrectly... you will only get 5 Wishlists (token) if time exceeds, You will get nothing if you warp out of the instance! Beware, Mushy Grinch is strong and you might need help of other midgardians

You can use the Wishlist in order to exchange some nice things through the Kid Representative located at (xmas 154 102).



Items Showcase:

  • Costume: Nyd Hair


  • Sunrays


Increase resistance to Fire element by 20%
Reduce resistance to Water by 25%
Give +50% resistance against Burn status
Movement speed +10%


  • Strawberry Chocolate Tophat
    All status +5
    Increase physical damage to non-boss by 25%
    Gain 5% of max HP or 15,000 HP on each mob killed by physical attack
    If worn with Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange)
    ~ ATK +5%


  • Mint Chocolate Tophat

    All status +5
    Increase magical damage to non-boss by 25%
    Gain 5% of max HP or 15,000 HP on each mob killed by magic attack
    If worn with Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange)
    ~ MATK +5%


  • Fallen Angel Valletta
    Increase max HP by 10%
    Give resistance to NonBoss/Boss by 5% per card compounded in this hat
    Immune to Stun status
    If worn with Big Ribbon Manteau/Ribbon Cape
    ~ Small chance to Confuse your enemy when you get hit


  • Red Cat Ears Cape
    Increase attacks damage with Water element by 5%
    ATK and MATK +3%
    Small chance to drop Ice Cream when killing normal monsters
    Increases heal effectiveness of Ice Cream by +50%


  • Berry Prince Crown
    When using Holy, Undead or Ghost element,  your damage increase by 50%.
    When hitting monsters of the above elements, your damage increase by 50%.
    Increase Critical damage by 10%


  • Rose Princess Crown
    Increase all status by (base stat / 10)
    Increase Miscellaneous damage by 15%
    Decrease Neutral resistance by 10%


  • Ribbon Cape (Equipped on Garment)
    Increase healing recieved by Heal skill by 10%
    Reduce damage from all source by 7%
    Give immunity to Confusion status
    If worn with Fallen Angel Valletta
    ~ Small chance  to Confuse your enemy when you get hit
  • Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange):
    Increase resistance to all elements by 5%
    Increase max HP by 5%
    If worn with Mint Choc Tophat or Strawberry Choc Tophat:
    ~ Give immunity Silence


  • Danseur (Pet)
    Max HP +3%
    Increase Shadow Elemental attack and magic by 4%
    Increase Holy Resistance by 4%


  • Danseuse (Pet)
    Max SP +3%
    Increase Holy Elemental Attack and magic by 4%
    Increase Shadow Resistance by 4%


  • Sack'o'Gift (Pet)
    Give immunity to Blind
    Earth resistance +10%
    1% chance to drop Aloe when killed Earth element monster



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