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    Sadly, the problem with the current WoE time is that it stagnates growth and opportunity for people from different timezones to join in, which would result to almost no competition. Which is why it'd be great to have WoE times that cater to all three continents to give everyone an equal footing regarding availability. If the EU and NA people left because of it, that would be bad for the server.
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    a talkative GM Welcome
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    HOOT my favorite GM
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    Please keep discussions on-topic and to be kind to each other - we are here to try and sort out WoE times.
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    Another thing that came in my mind, nothing to fo with that times thing, but If you guys wanna keep do changes for woe, why not make a chat with woe guild gls to discuss changes? Since they prolly know the best whats going on in woe.
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