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  1. If what im seeing is correct, we go to the same school! o-o
  2. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    By the way I forgot to add! I will be opening 5 slots only and each person can have a maximum of 3 art categories of what they want c: So far 1 slot has been taken. 1. Sierra 2. Free 3. Free 4. Free 5. Free
  3. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    Ooooohhh imma check that one o: Hallo, THANK YOU for your interest c: I just updated the prices so please have a look at them! <3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, I apologize if you think I price them too much. I put blood and sweat in every craft that I make and I make sure to satisfy my buyers uwu But I hope, people will like my art hehe yayyy ~
  4. Does someone know how to install RRO in Mac? The ones I see on the internet is confusing l0lInsert other media
  5. EVERYDAY, GIRL'S DAY!!!! ((kpop newbies might not know who they are but u gotta listen to their music <3))
  6. Those are some high quality works you got there!! I'd love to do photography to if I had a better camera lol (I only use mah phone)
  7. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    hallo sorry for the late reply OTL i heard it but i've never played it :c although i do accept drawing characters that are not RO related! ~ and looking forward to your order hallo!! thanks for the interest currently i'm still thinking about the prices since everyone is starting over and art is not their first priority lmA0 but i think i'll be able to put prices maybe next week?
  8. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    GCQ OMGGG I WANTS ARTSU FROM U TOO THANK U SO MUCH DEARIEEEE <3 OMG CLOCHEE i cry too when i look at my wallet D: btw ur commish is up there! wee~ C:
  9. kaiiruuu

    la petit atelier

    la petit atelier Intro hello guys! welcome to my little workspace/gallery! i missed playing ragnarok so i made sure to visit and play RRO while it's still the beginning of my school semester. please see my works below and if you like it, give this post a thumbs up! i am also currently accepting commissions with creds as payment since my character is fudgin noob :c please fund me Wishlist Samples headshot chibi mature half-body mature full-body siggy traditional none atm Price List Headshot : 30c Waist-up/Knees-up : 50c (+30c for additional) Do you want to order? just copy paste these that is all! i hope you enjoyed stopping by my shoppu and i hope you order arts! yay see you in game!
  10. I have a question, when I logged in last time before the server launch, I still had my remaining premium points but after the launch, they were all gone. Was it intended or do I need to report it? Anyways on topic, I'd like Rose Ring owo
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