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Revival's Lack of Costumes

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Hello Lokian’s!

I’ve recently noticed a number of items not having costume versions. Since we have such a large database to go through, I’d really appreciate if everyone can lend a hand in helping us gather the names and codes of said items. From there we’ll be able to review them and make them available to the player base through the costumer, hat roulette and so on.

Just a forewarning, some items although having costume versions will never be added to the costumer. This blacklist will include items that are original RO items, seasonal shop items (which has yet to be opened) and costumes we are directly selling in our cash shop.

Any updates to this list will be added here, but that’s the general rules of thumb.

Thank you all for your time and efforts,
The RevivalRO Staff

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feel free to add any headgears you encountered that haven't got a costume version. so long as its within the limitation stated in the post.


Bunny Balloon Hat ID: 50027
Bunny Hoodie Black/White ID: 50028/50029
Strongman Hair - ID 40765
Strongman Hair White - ID 41849
Strongman Hair Black - ID 41847

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Guest Nebula
16 hours ago, masterchief143 said:

special request

slotted iron cain[1] for knights and LKs

ID# 2266




We'll discuss this.

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