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Solo PVM questions...

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I'm wanting to know what are the best gears for playing highest possible solo PvM content? I have a 255 of every class, but have no idea what are best gears, and there's not really guides to explain that for custom servers. I've just been plowing thru using Angra/Ahura, but would like to push further into solo content (ie: new Dali instances)  in areas where that's not usable. Plus I'm not sure even what class would be best - would prefer something fairly easy to play as I'm highly medicated most of the time due to physical reasons and my reflexes are no longer that of a cat. I have an okay amount of zeny, so nothing crazy in price, or from the cash shop. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

Gears I currently have:

Weapon/Shield: Angra/Ahura

Headgear: Baphohorn (+20stats, 4slot), Saiyan Tail (+15 stats, 1slot), Warrior Spirit (+25stats, 4slot)

Armor: Alligator Cloak, Boots, Chest

Accessory: Ring Des Nibelungen x2 (+5stats, 5% Atk/MAtk, 1slot)

Cards: full set of headgear immunity cards (Chaos/Blind/Curse/Stun/Sleep/Bleeding), AK x4, most Shield damage reduction cards, Hillslion x4, Dark Penguicula/Duneyrr x4


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I think on Sniper a full Gator Set (+9/+10), Drooping Amistr and a Goblin Bow (min. +7?) works well for many areas where angra/ahura is disabled (or generally for farming, too).

The Gator Set u can craft by yourself and the Drooping Amistr is a quest, you mayb just need to buy the Amistr Eye from players as its drop is pretty low.

Goblin Bow is affordable and can be safely upgraded til +5 - or u buy directly a higher upgraded one.


Other class would be sin x for some areas, but not sure yet about the equips for it.

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Sniper w/

VariagVest - which gives you Warm Wind lv 4 and you can cycle through water, fire, earth and wind weapon endow to deal more damage accordingly

Goblin Bow/Spectral Bow - AK cards if you prefer that, Thanatos might deal more damage depending on what you are fighting.  Orc Sniper/Fighter also is a good option depending.

+9 Heroic Backpack

Your pick of a good armor with Gloom Card

Your pick of a good footgear with something like Ascendant Orc, Nekoring/cowring

Recondite Rings + Ifrit (well...idk anymore, Ifrits are dying right now it seems) 

Critical% Orbs

Any top headgear +30 stats + 4 kiki cards

A good mid headgear, shoot for a +25 stats with a 3 slot, because sometimes the extra bonus the 25 stater gives is nice, in my case extra speed or even lv10 heal etc etc

lower head gear red neck tie


With that, you'll hit absurdly high critical values.  I dont even have a goblin bow and dont need it, I hit 43,000 criticals on Baphomet mvp for example.  Im using a simple iXion wing bow with an AK card. 


Or, use the same gears as above for a Gunslinger and a hardened steel shotgun and you can one shot a lot of the lower and middle tier mvps in the mvp room.  Dopple, Incan, GTB, Stormy, etc etc will die in one full buster shot.  And if you opt for desperado build instead, you will absolutely obliterate mobs pretty much anywhere if you opt for Experimental Vern cards to add 10% HP into the headgear slots instead of the Kiki's for critical.  Desperado is super fun to use and handles mobs exceptionally well.  But, GS is a glass canon and dies fast so you need armors and footgears and cards to help with stock low HP on the Gunslinger


hope that helps


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+9 heroic backpack would be your bestfriend if you are a crit class


Drooping Amistr

Large redwing

+9 heroic backpack

armor? theres alot of choices, Pragmatist, varigated or even the new Gray Armor is good

Shoes - i recommend ebony or hermes if u need endure

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Thanks for input, found a few suggestions I can do. Several tho were items that you need groups to get, and that's just not an option for me with how I am able to play. Thank you tho for suggestions.

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