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RevivalRO 4 Mac Users

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This guide is only intended for Mac users hence the Title.

I will not be replying to anything related/ based on Windows.
If you need a Windows guide. I’m sure Mr. Tommy can help you with that https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/66-revivalro-installation-guide/


Alright enough blabbering.


  1. A copy of the full client/RO Folder.
    • Why you ask? The installation setup does not work with my method.
    • Therefore we need a zipped/compressed version that we can extract to a specific location.
    • You can get the Full Client zip here http://cdn.ragnarevival.com/RevivalRO.zip



  1. Wineskin
    • Just a Fancy GUI that will make your life easier and allow you to bundle together your windows based applications
      to run with wine. This is whats gonna allow you to play RevivalRO on a Mac.
      Not gonna go into too much detail here. That’s why we have google. :P
    • To Download head over to their site http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php
    • Unzip it and drag it over to your applications
    • Now you should be able to see wineskin winery in your launchpad.



    • Now launch Wineskin Winery and you should have something looking like this
    • Update the wrapper version and install
    • Next you need to install the engine/version of wine to use
      click on the big + button and make sure you have selected the same version I have.
      Download & Install

BYtg5jD.png  V4NcsMH.png


    • After downloading/installing, it should now look like this
    • Create a new blank wrapper
    • Call it w.e you’d like
    • You’ll then get a popup asking to allow/accept incoming connections. Allow it.

EgjgxWi.png  Dh9ESyY.png  mUh8bML.png


    • Now we need to navigate to the folder where our wrapper was created press SHIFT+CMD+G
    • Replace my name/home folder with the name of your Home folder.

n2zQFKk.png  sOTGz8s.png


    • Right click on the wrapper and show package contents
    • Launch/double click on wineskin
    • Click Install software
    • Choose copy a folder inside option

ubkmSrC.png B8gdFPW.png


    • Now it’s time to copy over the RO folder. Like I stated before the setup installation won’t work
      with my method. Therefore download the zipped version linked on this guide and unzip/extract it on your Mac.
    • Navigate to where you downloaded/extracted your RO folder once you’ve clicked on the copy a folder inside option.
    • Now give it time to copy the folder and all its files.
    • When it’s done a window will popup asking you to choose an executable file here you will pick Revival Patcher.exe



    • Click -> OK you’ll be back to the previous window
    • Here you’ll click on the Advance option
    • Click on set screen options and uncheck Auto detect GPU info for Direct3D -> Done
    • Now we have to install some Microsoft redistributable packages required to run RO
    • Head-over to the Tools tab and click on winetricks under the utilities section



    • On this window click on the update winetricks button -> OK -> then go over to the dlls dropdown section
    • Look for vcrun2008, vcrun2010, vcrun2012 & vcrun2013 and have them checked/ticked then
      -> Run and go through each installation process.
    • Now click the close button and you should be back on the previous window
    • Tab back over to the options section and check/tick -> Option key works as Alt




    • Now we're set but not quite
    • We now have to choose our graphic device and adjust our resolution through the setup.
      It is now possible to launch the setup via the RevivalRO Patcher. It's a nice feature/addon without the hassle
      or the need to change the executable every time you want to adjust your resolution.




Lets play

    • Now you should be able to launch the wrapper through spotlight or launchpad
    • If your function keys are not working how you intended/hoped for you may need to go to your System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts ->
      ( Here you might need to uncheck/configure some shortcuts So that your function keys can work in RevivalRO like they should )
    • You might also need to adjust your mouse pointer/tracking speed to your liking when in game.
      I'll assume you know how to do that.




Side Notes

    • As of now you’ll only be able to have one instance/client running 
    • This Guide will get updated soon for dual clienting so stay tuned for that
      but you should at least be able to run/play RevivalRO now.
      The experience will ofc be different on a Mac and you’ll have to setup shortcuts in game for certain things
      that just work on windows by default. 


    • Feel free to PM on here or on discord
    • I prefer discord I’m rarely on the forums
       My username Avian#6458
Edited by Avian
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Guest Artemia

Hi! i'd a problem... when run the dlls my status is different and i can't play :S!


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My Patcher won't work after the update with the new client


I get the error message "mfc110.dll"  displayed which seems to be part of the vcrun2012 dll which is installed 1874968691_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-09um20_56_06.png.c7b6574ccdef533f0fefb4d1bc03b353.png


then the patcher fails to write the new update files 1275615383_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-09um20_56_17.png.24587c1c985cb04f07183e5654148cce.png


Any idea how to solve this?

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9 hours ago, Syphon said:

@Larsvegas delete the file and let the patcher run again!

First of all, thanks for your reply.

I deleted the mfc110.dll than the patching process went further than before but stopped again and displayed a "msvcp110.dll" error message .373390809_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-10um07_44_02.png.b132bdd2db40c03be781e2c0c22c8070.png

So I deleted that file as well. Patching process finished.

But now the program crashes everytime right after I select a server (already tried different servers).

I reinstalled the whole game but still the same problem.


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