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This place would be deserted without some puns and dramas,There are people overwhelming around here just to see one of this and they had to turn back and go disappointed

So i had to revive this thread,This wasn't made from scratch long ago we had one of these but was closed due to lack of moderation and retarded people trying to threaten people in real life.

People in loki need some fun,Admit it forums is a dead place without puns and what not,This time i urge you people to be civilized and stick to the rules just by following these simple 10 Commandments.

 1552.gif10 Commandments1552.gif

1."Insertyournamehere" is thy owner of thy account and thou shall not have any other owners.(This will not only prevent you from being scammed/Hacked,But this will also initiate you to feel more responsible towards your account,Lost to someone you hated for a long time while your Brother,Sister,Cousin,Dog or Pet Rock was playing and accidentally they enter PvP and you enter the room later only to notice people flamming at you then you were the one to take the all the blame then this one is just for you)


2. You shall not make for yourself a character to impersonate or to intentionally provoke anyone in any form.


3.You shall not misuse any Third party programs nor even try using it at the first place(Being yourself is something cooler than not being nothing you never would,Also gonna keep you away from trouble)


4. Remember its PvP by keeping it holy.


5.Honor thy GMs and Admins.(This is the Elixir to all problems,Don't give a damn to any other rules?Just follow this one and your good)

Image result for Honour gif

6. You shall not commit murder unless its your kill.(What suppose if a guy had been training for his whole life just to beat a single person and he made it up half of his way for the very first time and you just login from no where enter pvp and ruin the day for him)


7. You shall not commit adultery(No posting Nudes of anyone in any form here,Please consider we do have kids in this Server)s-e421f64a8241deaf12a20176b8e7740416b43e


8. You shall not steal(Yeah right,Stealing someone kills just to make you just look like Big tough Balls not cool)


9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.(Got a Screenshot?Provide it or never happened)


10.You shall not covet any Third Party Programs.


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